Results of the Third Annual Spine Online Writing Awards

There were five categories for the 2012 awards, with a winner and an honourable mention for each. Click on the links below to read up on the winners.

Times Award for Best Fiction

Judged by: Rita Donovan 
First Place: Megan Macleod, Breathe In
Honorable Mention: Danielle Wilson, Ice, and Madison Abraham, The Dream Vacation


Helvetica Award for Best Feature

Judged by: Lynn Cunningham
First Place: Leah Powell, Lana Hicks, Tattoo Artist
Honorable Mention: Stephanie Campbell, Megan Lawrence of Face The Music Vocal Studio


Century Gothic Award for Best Review

Judged by: Jeannie Marshall (
First Place: Danielle Wilson, Spike the Punch
Honourable Mention: Jillian Ewaschuk, The Shallows, by Nicholas Carr


Wingdings Award for Best Column

Judged by: Katrina Onstad (
First Place: Jillian Ewaschuk, PC goes Posh
Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Balsom, Confessions of a (Semi) Reformed Shopaholic


Georgia Award for Best Blog

Judged by: Peggy Berkowitz (

First Place: Sarah Foley, Cynic on a Picnic

Honourable Mention: Jillian Ewaschuk, Frugal Foodie