Living A Balanced Life

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If you look up ‘How to Live a Balanced Life’, you won’t get the exact key to your answer. However, you will often find a Google search will give you plenty of tips and quotes on what a balanced life is. That is pretty much all you are going to get. I wouldn’t trust those Mama Gizelle Fortune Teller websites, they just want your money.

Why is it you only find tips and tricks? Because there is no one right answer to what a balanced life is or how to live it. Everyone experiences their life differently and has a unique path to true happiness and success. Some see their success and true happiness as being wealthy, others seek spiritual fulfillment as true happiness; only you can decide what a balanced life is.

 There are also multiple different tips that can lead you towards your path - especially for those in difficult times or struggling through life’s many obstacles. Everyone needs a little push in the right direction or enlightenment that leads to research. Here are a few words to live by, when seeking a balanced life: always remember that your body is your temple, and only you have complete control over its properties, inside and out; mind, body and spirit. It’s important to always care and love yourself; don’t be afraid to put your needs before others.



Having to let go of the past if given an opportunity to move closer to your goal or dream doesn’t always have to be a negative choice. Every day we are faced with options and challenges that leave us unsure or lost. To achieve success and happiness, you must have faith in yourself and your abilities to take a risk in life. It is natural and understanding to also rid yourself of a toxic person or situation, to fill your environment with a positive atmosphere.

Taking a step back in your current life situations, and assessing what your next move is, can help you create a plan to reach your preferred destinations in either your career or personal life. But rarely it is also said to ‘expect the unexpected’, something many people have feared, going back to having faith in yourself, to take a risk, unsure of the consequences. We often forget to consider if we are so unsure of what is going to happen, whether we plan for the worst, or hope for the best, why put such a large effort into ensuring everything goes according to plan?

To be honest, the answer to living a balanced life is about accepting the choices and challenges life may throw at you, taking them in stride, and putting your best foot forward to reach your path to true happiness. Always remember your body is your temple; your mental, spiritual and physical health come first.

With that in mind, what can you say is the definition of your true happiness? Your path to a balanced life? Fame? Money? Dogs? Comment below!



Alyson Doherty


I have had a passion for literature since the day Dr. Seuss started to make sense. Healthy living is just one of the many other strong passions I have, and combining two great passions is living what I believe is a fulfilled life. Walk through my arranged blogs on the joy and knowledge of healthy living!