My Artist Recommendations: Ottawa

Over the last three posts I have been trying to impart some advice on you to help you in the world of tattoos. I decided this time I would recommend some individual artists.

Derek Leech: Soulful Creations, Orleans Ontario

Derek has been tattooing for almost twenty years. He is the owner/operator of his own shop in Ottawa's east end. Previously he had worked out of Universal Tattoos in downtown Ottawa. I have been getting tattooed by Derek for going on six years now and I have never once walked away unsatisfied. Derek is especially well known for his darker style, the creepier the better. 

What I think sets Derek apart from the rest is, he has the softest hand of anyone that has ever put ink into my skin. This is match made in heaven for some of you first timers that are worried about the amount of pain that you will be in.

Nick "The Fixx" Leonard: Ventura Blvd. Tattoos & Body Piercings, Barrhaven Ontario

Nick became one of my artist completely by chance. I was out in Barrhaven last year and decided I was in the mood for some ink. I popped into Ventura Blvd, on a whim, without an appointment and was taken care of after just a short wait. It was just a lucky stroke that I would get an International/National award winner.

He is most known for his American traditional style as well as his innovative brand of tribal done through "pointilism." If you are in the west-end of Ottawa, I highly recommend Nick, and if Nick is not available, anyone at Ventura Blvd who has some free time.  


Justin Diotte: Tattoos by Justin Diotte, Navan Ontario


Justin has been tattooing for going on a full decade, and I have had the privilege of knowing him the entire time. He is essentially self-taught. I have witnessed the growth of his skills in his art and I trust him with any kind of piece I feel like getting.

Script work is one of the more difficult aspects of  tattooing and Justin is extremely proficient in this particular art. He is exceptionally friendly and his facilities are inviting and comfortable, as well as conforming to the strictest sterilization practices.

Check out his portfolio on his facebook page.



 Alex Scantlebury

Alex Scantlebury is a married father of two young daughters, as well as being a very vocal tattoo enthusiast.

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