Should Haters Keep on Hating? No!

There are certain aspects of fandoms that I would never want to associate myself with. This is the number one thing that every fandom is guaranteed to have: the creepy and hateful fan. 

I follow Supernatural actors on various social media. These are personal accounts that they have no problem sharing with the world. Occasionally, I’ll try to contact them on Twitter, in hopes of getting a reply. Many people have this same idea. Many people have this same idea 10 times over. 

of Jensen Ackles for TV Guide. Jensen is happily married. Click the image for TV Guide's website.

Photo of Jensen Ackles for TV Guide. Jensen is happily married. Click the image for TV Guide's website.

Some fans use social media accounts to stalk celebrities. I would never spam my favourite actors in hopes of them replying to me. Maybe I would have had this idea when I was 13, but not as an adult. I just don’t understand the logic. 

I’ll admit, when I was in Toronto for the Supernatural convention, I may have told Misha Collins (the actor who plays Castiel) to come to the hotel lobby after the convention was over. I knew he would probably never even see the reply. But some fans actually use social media to track their every move.

My question is WHY?

I don’t understand the importance of knowing where an actor went to lunch last Tuesday. Maybe I’ll never understand. That’s just creepy if that’s your hobby, though.

Another thing I will never understand is why fans hate their favourite actor’s significant other. I mean, I have faced the fact that Jensen Ackles will never marry me. He’s married to a supermodel named Danneel Harris. This doesn’t give me any reason to hate her, though!

Hateful fans chase away what true fans struggle to keep – an honest and genuine reputation.

I feel like the best solution to the problems that hateful fans have is just to accept every aspect of the celebrity in question. While fans may grant themselves entitlement to a celebrity’s life and choices, they have to realize that they actually have no control over what this person does with their life. 

Hateful fans destroy the fun of the most engaging aspects of fandom, but it would be hypocritical to hate them too. So, like we do with that one creepy uncle we all have, we must suck it up and invite them to Sunday dinner (or in our case, Tuesday-night viewing) whether we want to or not. Fans like us keep the shows going. 



Alexa Batitis

is a 20-year-old student. In her spare time she likes to watch a lot of TV. Her favourite shows are Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Game of Thrones. She has been a part of fandoms since she was 14. She has also written a lot of shameless fanfiction, and you can get over it.

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