YouTube Your Way To a Better You

You can find almost anything on YouTube these days. Most people use YouTube for music, “how-to’s”, or to get a good laugh (David after the dentist anyone?) but what about using it to get fit? There are tons of fitness videos on YouTube, and it was brought to my attention that this just might be an option to get healthy the easy way. They had me at easy, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I tried out two different videos, both by POPSUGAR Fitness. The first one was called “Get Madonna’s Arms” and the second was called “10-Minute No-Equipment Home Workout.” Both videos were great (I felt the burn) and short, meaning they fit into even the busiest work schedule. But overall, how well did using YouTube videos as a means of exercise work?

Well, let me start with the positives. The video’s themselves were great and let’s not forget free! These videos give you fitness expertise without having to leave the comfort of your own home. This is a major bonus because let’s face it, going to the gym sucks. It’s also nice to be able to workout at your own speed and without the pressure of others watching you. Also, if you miss anything you can simply rewind the video and try it again when you’re ready.

Now onto the negatives; although working out alone is quieter, I find that working out in a group pressures me to push myself harder, giving me a better workout. There’s also no instructor to tell you when your form isn’t correct. If you work out improperly you may not receive the full benefits from the workout and you risk hurting yourself. Another problem I found is that there are too many distractions at home. It’s easy to keep saying, “I’ll do it after the next episode.”  

The fact is you are not likely to get as good of a workout as you would at the gym or in a class. However, it is an adequate replacement if you can ignore distractions. Perhaps, once you integrate daily videos into your routine, you’ll be able to see results sans any gym trips.

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Allyson Knappers

Allyson Knappers is a second year student of the Professional Writing Program, and a native to the Ottawa area. Although a seemingly quiet young woman, Allyson loves to find the humor in life, and prefers to spend most of her time laughing with her friends. Allyson has an assortment of random interests, the most prominent of course, writing.

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