Walking the Walk

For the last few weeks I’ve tried to open people’s eyes to underrated sitcoms, hoping that they will find some glorious gem that they missed in the past. But I realize that these were easy for me to say - I already loved these shows. I figure it’s time for me to start walking the walk.

I might appear to enjoy all of these “bad” shows, suggesting that I don’t have standards when it comes to sitcoms. But it’s not true. There is one show that has experienced world-wide acclaim, one that is known for making its viewers fall in love with its witty humour. But it's a show that I’ve never been able to find remotely funny. You've probably heard of it. It’s called Seinfeld.

I don’t know why this show never appealed to me. Maybe it was because of the rivalry between my friends in our great Friends vs Seinfeld debate, to which I argued the former. Maybe it was always competing with a preferred show. Or maybe I just didn’t like it. It was unavoidable as a kid, as there were always episodes on TV, and I knew the basics of the show from the small clips I had taken in. I knew Jerry, George, Elaine, and of course, Kramer. I had seen the puffy shirt. I could laugh at “No Soup for You!” despite never having seen the episode. Parts of the show are engrained in our society, just not as deeply in me.

I have spent the last few days throwing myself into this show. I watched hours at a time, trying to put my preconceived notions out of my head, and experience it as if I was watching a brand new show. Luckily, I haven’t watched much with the main actors, so they weren’t type-casted for me. I managed to get through the first two seasons.

The result? I still wouldn’t put this show in my favourites. But I can’t deny that I did laugh a few times. In all, I am no longer against watching the show. From what I have gathered from friends and the internet, the show doesn’t hit its stride until later seasons. I am willing to keep watching, but only time will tell if it will crack my top 10.

If you want to know more about Jerry Seinfeld’s latest projects, check out the following video from NBC News:

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Andrea Irvine is a 23-year-old writer from Hamilton, Ontario. After completing her English degree at the University of Ottawa, she found her true passion in the Professional Writing program. Her busy schedule of homework, TV watching and attempting to cook keeps her from her love of tea and Scrabble dates.

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