A Horror Story in Pure Dialogue

Knocking on Wood

"You lose again, Theo."

"Shit! I can't win at anything with alcohol in my system. ”

“You’re just not trying hard enough."

“I've already lost at chess, poker, and now darts! How could I lose at darts? I'm the best out of everyone I know.”

"Well, tonight you're second best. After me."



"Can you get me another beer?"

The mind games

The mind games

"No, you're starting to get rowdy. Do you want me to get you some water?"


"Okay, I'll be right back."



"I'd rather nurse another beer."

"I'll get you one if you win at the next game. Why don't you pick a game while I'm in the kitchen?" 

"Hey, Hun, can you pick one instead; my head hurts." 

"No. I’m already getting YOU some water."

"Fair enough. Still, this shelf is too far." 


" This isn't beer."

"Drink slowly.”


“So, what did you pick..Ouija? Didn't you call this a game a load of shit?"

"Well, I feel like shit, Hun. Why do you own this anyway? 

"One of my friends left it behind on girls’ night.”

"Did you guys try it at all?”

"We did but we only got a bunch of gibberish and a couple of misspelled words like betch and dye."

"Sounds like a wonderful time."

"Har har, you're so funny, Charming. By the way, there should be some candles in the box." 

"I see 'em but they're tea candles.”

"We played the game on short notice. Besides, don't you love this atmosphere?" 

"Not when my cup is filled with water." 

"For crying out loud, Theo, give that joke a rest. "

"If only I was joking."

"Do you know how to play?"

Too Spooky For Me

Too Spooky For Me

"Okay, you can finish lighting the candles while I read the instructions out loud. Thank you for your purchase. Ouija (pronounced WEE-JA) is a board game that's great for gatherings or use alone. Ask the board a question and place your finger on the planchette for an answer."

"Hey, the board glows in the dark."

"But I haven't opened this box in weeks."

"Awesome; there's some quality in this product after all." 

 "Let's start the game and don't forget to concentrate, Theo; this only works if you believe."

"Like this?"

"No, you're moving the marker; keep your finger still."

"I am."

"No you're not. Look, you're trembling."

"It's impossible to stay completely still. A skeptic debunk—"

"I thought you were drunk, Theo. Stop ruining the game and ask a question."  

"Oh, almighty board, are there spirits here with us?"

"The cursor is moving to Hello!"

"Now it's spelling something."


"I think this ghost knows us, Hun. Who are you?"


"That sounds foreign."

"Are you messing with the responses, Theo?

"Of course not. Ask another question."

"Where are you from?


"I think the spirit left us a placeholder."


"Okay, I'll be serious this time. Oh, almighty board, are there any spirits here with us?"


"I think our ghost wants to call this game quits as well." 

"Har har; can't you stop with the jokes? You're even moving the marker towards No.

 Enjoy blackouts  while you can                                                                                            there are already kids who don't know about vcrs...

 Enjoy blackouts  while you can                                                                                            there are already kids who don't know about vcrs...

"I'm didn't do anything. Take another look at the board."


"Why do you keep moving to the letter D?"

"I'm not; this thing is  either broken or our spirit really likes the letter D."

"My finger is starting to cramp. Let's move the cursor to goodbye and try again." 

"Do we have to invite every spook with a speech? It's embarrassing."

"No, we can just put our fingers on the marker."


"See? Hi, what is your name?" 


"Oh, a girl."

"How old are you, Amy?"


"I was expecting her to be a lot younger."



"I think sh e's mad at me."

"Theo, that's not funny."

B-A-D- M-A-N-H-E-R-E

"Whoah! Hannah, are you okay?:"

"Just a little jumpy. Do you think this is a blackout?"

"Yeah, the lights aren't working."

"At least, we have these candles."

"I am the one who knocks!" -  Walter White (Bryan Cranston)

"I am the one who knocks!" -  Walter White (Bryan Cranston)

"Dinky as they may be. Do you hear that?"

"Yeah. It sounded like someone opening the front door."

"Could it be your roommate? 

"No, she's staying with her parents this weekend. Should I give a shout?"

"No, send her a text; whoever is out there is stomping around." 

"I just got a reply. She says it isn't her."

"I'm barring the door."

"Please do."

"Did you call the police?"

"Yeah, they're sending someone over."

"Hey, Hannah."


"Look at the table."

"Please tell me I'm seeing things."

"You're seeing things."

"But I'm not! That marker is moving by itself!"

"It's just looping around the letter D. Maybe our friend from earlier is doing this." 

"I don't care who's causing this, I want this to stop."  


"With this."

"That's a dictionary, Hun. That is not going to help us right now."

"Not true. You drop it like so and problem solved."

Knock, knock, knock.

"Now the maniac is at our door."

"It might be the police. Should we shout?"

"No, Hannah. Let's escape through the window."

She Needs a cat

She Needs a cat

 "Good idea. Let's go. 

"We can't, look outside."

"Look outside."

"Who is that?"

"I can't tell with the curtain, but that person is just standing there."

"..Did we lock the windows?"

"Our windows don't have locks."

"I'm scared, Theo."

"I know. I am too."

"This is officers Hearse and Shepard. Entry at 7:15, we're approaching the house in question."

"10-4, over."

"Good evening, m'am. We're with the police."

"Hello, sirs."

"We received a distress call from this address 15 minutes ago. Is everything all right?"


"The caller was a woman named Hannah. May I speak with her?"

"She's not here anymore."


"The man is gone as well."

Look into my Eyes! Have a nice day!

Look into my Eyes! Have a nice day!

"M'am, Can I get your name and why you're standing outside with the front door open?" 


"Shepard, search the premises for a young woman and her boyfriend."

"Okay, I'll radio if I find anyone."


"M'am, I would appreciate your cooperation in answering my questions; otherwise, I'll have to take you to the station."


"Please enter the patrol car."

"It would be my pleasure."

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