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2014 Authors

Valerie Assinewe

Natura Medica
My discoveries of medicine from nature

Justin Bedard

Limit of Juvenility
Stuck on the edge of maturity and overthinking everything


Michael Belkie

Player Two Has Entered The Game
Interactions and insights between father and child in the digital universe

Carole Besharah

The Story Road
A life-long reader revisits her favourite childhood literary heroines with her 10-year-old daughter

Gabrielle Black

The Mortem Post
Solving the mystery of writing murder mysteries, clue by clue


Alex Blahout

Becoming a character through creating a costume

Kyla Clarke

I Literally Can't Even
Investigating the true problem beneath white-girl problems

Daniel Cummer

Unearthing Electronic Gems
A fan's progress from listener to promoter: Bringing underground music to the surface

Martin Dash

Keep It Civil
A persuasive argument for debating issues without becoming hostile

Peter Doney

Hungary Man
My life as an international web-comic proofreader

Stephanie Dor

Dancing Dangerously
From beginner to pro in the world of Urban Dance

Zachary Emery

Department of Urban Absurdity
Memos on life's quirks in the nation's capital

Eleanor Fogolin

Myriad Worlds
A writer’s guide to exploring new horizons in fantasy fiction

Maxime Gareau

Ottawa's Wild Side
Getting out of your cubicle and into Ottawa's nature

Cara Goodwin

Drop Bears & Hoop Snakes
How to survive Australia when you’re up the billabong without a paddle


Andrea Irvine

Grilled Cheese
The guilty pleasure of “bad” sitcoms

Jeanette Jones

Cookies, cake, and the fine art of avoiding uncomfortable situations

Natasha Leduc

Blog of Steel
Truth, justice, and the lasting impact of cultural icons

John Leonard

Sound Observations
Notes on the evolution of musical instruments

James Lipsett

The Melting Pot
A celebration of ethnic ingredients

Stephen Lowe

Full Script
My adventures in comic book creation


David Maurice

An Expanding World, A Shrinking Me
One man's journey through weight loss.

Andrew Monro

Trial By Sketch
Lessons in drawing for the spatially challenged

Nathan Mulcahy

From Campfires to College
Growing up in the pagan community


Sara Myers

On the porch with a father-daughter duo, quipping about life, love, and arseholes

Ashley O'Neil

You Can't Rain On My Parade
A shy girl's ode to musical theatre

Raisa Patel

Muggle Studies
Adventures in doing what your parents told you not to: meeting people from the Internet

Gina Roberts

Dinners to Die For
A night of friends, fiends and feasting

Conor Rochon

7% Melancholy
A sad man's beer blog

Peggy Sands

Going from the wilds of the workforce to student uncertainty without sinking

Tetyana Shukalova

Canada on the Court
Why I think the North needs net

Miranda Tannahill

Transitional Hope
Not every coming out story is tragic

Matthew Thibeault

Conversations with Ottawa's unlicenced taxi drivers

Charmaine Trudell

The Beyond
A blog for the recently deceased

Sian Walton

Escape Artist
Book spines and grid lines: forays into the world of tabletop gaming

Kimberly Ward

Adventures of a Lazy Dog Owner
Challenging myself and my dog to do more

Michael Ziegler

Cynical Me
Dissecting the ethics of life

2012 Authors

Alexandra Battis

Hunter's Journal

Stephanie Bellefeulle

The Great Closet Cleanout
Misadventure in cleaning out my closet

Kristopher Bras

The Ottawa Underground
Exploring independent culture in the capital region

Kora Burnham

The Baker Street Irregular

Justin Campbell

The Synesthetic Mindset
Inside the mind of a sound-colour Synesthete

Max Carrington

Confessions of a Closet Nerd
The guilty pleasures of a reluctant conformist.

Erin Chambers

Women Wreaking Wonder
Historically famous ladies and why you should want their action figures.

Val Cimesa

Gimme Some Shugah
Sweet talking Ottawa's local dessert chefs and recreating their treats.

Pierre Corbett-Roy

Breaking The Ice
The diary of an introvert in the extroverted environment that is competitive hockey.

Dave Didylowki

The Essence of Collecting Breweriana
Why I collect breweriana 

Bryan Dowkes

Off the Eaten Path - Ottawa
Adventure eating in the nation’s capital

Sara Durocher

The "C" Word
Changing what it means to be Catholic

Hoda Egeh

Nostos Algos
Looking forward through the past. 

Allison Godin

No End to Education
A survey of recent projects and theories that are changing the way we learn

Janet Goertzen

A right-brained thinker faces her fear of numbers and logic.

Cynthia Graham

Repatriating the Ex-Pat
Playing Cultural Catch-Up When You've Returned from a Life Abroad

Wren Gulmain

From n00bs to 1337s, gamercred is a thing. Let's deconstruct some of the arbitrary and downright inane standards by which gamers establish credibility.

Stuart Harris

Taming the Jumping Flea
Placing the ukulele in a pianist's untrained hands.

Madison Joe

Rediscovering Me.

Amanda-Marie Kavanagh

Handmade Tales
Why I make things

Allyson Knappers

My so-called lazy life
A self-proclaimed lazy girl’s guide to what actually works when you want to get healthy the “easy way”.

Claire Marshall

Grimm Uncensored 
Fairytale fanatic smashes the glass slipper, separating the good adaptations from the bad.

Dillon Meilleur

Tall Tales

Michael Myers

Sitting Silently with Strangers
Touring Buddhism in Ottawa

Alexander Newman

Tour-Mode Turned Off
One musician’s insights into life after the party and the roads he took to get there.


Cindy Olberg

From Still Life To Real Life
Sketches of models and the artists who draw them

Andrew Oliveira

The Sexy Culture Spot 
Taking you through hot stuff from cultures around the world.

Manuela Panuccio

A Picture's Worth 1000 Pieces

Glen Peters

Martial Virtues
The gifts of violence for healthy and meaningful life.

Jacob Rennick

Word Imperfect
Exploring the world of languag


Alexander Scantlebury

Yes it hurts...
A decade of collecting tattoos.

Jamie Sturgeon

Chasing Amber, beating the red light with a new Ottawa band
Founding member tells all in this personal blog about a young band in Ottawa.

Emily Towsley

The Pedestrian Philosopher
Living the examined life one step at a time.

Sabrina Willis

Pokémon Chatter
Let's talk about Pokémon because Wynaut.


2011 Authors

Madison Abraham

Chasing My Own Happiness
In a world filled with insurmountable obstacles, all you can do is discard expectations, get rid of self-doubt, and be yourself.

Elizabeth Balsom

Beauty Behind the Scenes
A look into the uglier side of the beauty and fashion industry.

Josh Bell

The Beauty of the Game
Revealing the hidden art in sport.

Stephanie Campbell

What's in your backpack?
A peek inside the world of traveling light.

Christian Cleland

Scoring Media Attention
Unconventional rants about sports personalities who make front-page headlines.

Dakota Cowell

Fight or Flight
What are your worst fears?

Celsey Delisle

Parker's Busy Life
Using the daily habits of my one-of-a-kind cat to support pet ownership.

Mary Delong

in a Square

Confessions of a chronic chocoholic and a look into the world's greatest invention.

Victoria Dyer

Happy From Afar
Unique tips on how to successfully manage a long-distance relationship.

Jillian Ewaschuk

Frugal Foodie
A gluten-free pescetarian explores eating well on a budget.

Sarah Foley

Cynic on a Picnic
A look at manners and etiquette in this oh-so-modern world...

Maximilien Gamache

I hate everything
I'm all complaints, no solutions.

Jasmine Gearey

Ranting with Rhythm
The beautifully underground world of spoken word poetry.

Nathan Gillespie

The Way of the Fist
Nathan on the art of karate.

Alex Gravelle

Silently Studying 
from the Sideline

A look at what revs my raw power to what melts my heart in a single beat.

Jason Hansma

Trailer Trash
The worst of the latest movie trailers and why they'll suck - no blue ribbons here.

Alexander Irving

Out and About
Exploring Ottawa's attractions without breaking the bank.

Kaila Joseph

Generation Why...
Modern day trials of tough love, and tribulations of realists.

Brandon Labelle

WWW - the Wide 
Web of the World

Bypassing the primetime firewall, and uploading the unnoticed.

Bethany La Chappelle

Fans of the World 

Ever think 'it should have gone...' or 'he would never date...' Then I welcome you to the world of fan-fiction writing.

Anna Lanteigne

The Lighter Side 
of Insanity

Dispelling modern myths about mental illness.

Megan Macleod

The Spaces Between
Searching for solitude in crowded places.

Michelle McConnel

Unbeaten Path
An ambitious future traveler explores the world beyond her arm chair.

Matthew Miller

Metal Heart
An average dude's journey through a denim and leather world.

Alannah Ogilvie

Fatum Phenomena
Weird or what? My take on a few unexplained events.

Alex Pilkington

One Nerd's Rant on Gaming Evolution
Ever look at a game today and think "Thank God you're pretty! 'Cause there ain't much else to ya!".

Leah Powell

Scary Monsters 
and Super Freaks

A beginner web comic artist reveals the method to her madness.

Jessica Pundyk

Occupation: Sober Chauffeur
Qualifications: License, Extreme patience, Zero blood alcohol level
Job Description: A rewarding career path that saves lives and tests your composure.

Cierra Wieja

Hollywood North: 
The Script

Exploring the life of a Canadian screenwriter.

Danielle Wilson

Escaping Me
Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your alias

Kenneth Wilson

The Bandwagon
Bask in Smog's new installment of analytical hockey commentary.

2010 Authors

Laura-Leah Armstrong

Dissected Audio
If I were to go deaf, I just don't know what I would do with myself.

Nathan Battams

Strange Vibrations
A geeky glance at the phenomenon of sound and people who do unconventional things with it.

Joshua Bouchard

Open Belly Review
Meditations on contemporary arts around the world.

Alex Davis

The Kingdom of Komnen
Greetings readers and passersby, welcome to my blog on the fictional country in my novel, The General’s Army.

Thomas Garbutt

The Bucket List
No, not the 2007 film starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman; this is simply an offering of the top six goals I plan to achieve before I "kick the bucket."

Jenna Gordon

The Nostalgia Filter
Dissecting your childhood, one fad at a time.

Brittany Grin

Welcome to College Residence
What campus living is really all about .

Chris Hemond

The Wonderful World of Sports
From hockey to baseball, from violence to player salaries—each week I will examine some of the most pressing issues in professional sports.

Scott Kennel

Uncommon Ideas
Life is strange, and the many weird things in this world often lead people to unusual philosophies. I have some uncommon ideas of my own.

Alex Lambevski

An Apple in the Emperor’s Court
Dog fights, street protests, the Albanian market – I saw it all living in Europe

Michelle Lawless

Modern Monarchy: 
The Fairytale Wedding

A look at what it means for us today to see Will & Kate’s big day.

Michelle Lloyd

Love Actually
A close look at the anatomy of the “Chick Flick”. What is it that keeps women lining up?

Well, It’s Complicated.

Sarah Macfarlane

Hot topics in the western horse industry today.

Ryan Moore

Consumers' Anonymous
It's time to be socially responsible by battling excess consumption and reducing industrial harm.

Caitlin Morning

Zero Boundaries
This blog consists of my views on the world's most controversial theories and opinions, in hopes to spark new ideas.

Adam Newlands

Novo Mercator
Sharing new views on how communities can live, work and create together.

Kaitlyn Patey

What Makes a Leading Man?
Of all the heartthrobs in today’s cinema, who has the talent to go beyond the usual 15 minutes of fame?

Meggin-leigh Roberts

An inside peek into the lifestyle of a part-time Otaku (Canadian anime fan girl)

Darien Yawching Rickwood

Humanity in the unreal
Using the works of sci-fi and fantasy to reflect our own world

Ian Stead

Life on the Cheap
How to spend less and get more out of life

Alvin Tsang

Being Buddhist
A look into a complex, organized spirituality and the teachings of level-headed philosophy.

Linda Viduka

Daytripping for the Cash-Strapped Student
So winter's got you down and you can't afford a holiday to a tropical destination? One way to remedy your blues is to take a day trip outside of Ottawa.