If the Glass Slipper Fits...

Hello again, my little fanatics!  Some of the ladies reading will remember the most popular princess from childhood. Most of us dressed as her for Halloween, and think about how adorable we looked and how lucky she was to be the belle of the ball!  I’ll give you all a hint: “Bibbidi, bobbidi, boo!” Correct! Cinderella.  But did you know that the real story of Cinderella wasn’t as magically delicious as what we grew up with?  Caution to all Cinderella lovers: I’m about to smash that lovely glass slipper.


Let’s start with the original story of Cinderella.  It goes about the same: The poor girl is bullied by her evil stepmother and sisters and all she wants to do is go to the ball with them.  What’s also similar is she has cute little birds to help her out with her chores (don’t we all wish) and going to the ball.  But what’s different, is that instead of having a Fairy God Mother, she has her dead mother to help. Morbid, yet touching.  When Cinderella cries in front of her mother’s grave, the hazel tree planted there with two perched birds, magically gives her beautiful dresses and gold slippers to wear to the ball three times.  And of course, she is unrecognizable to her stepfamily at the ball and the prince only dances with her. She leaves her slipper behind, the prince comes for her and they live happily ever after. 

Now, what makes the original story different from the Disney adaptation and the 1998 film, Ever After: A Cinderella Story is that instead of the step sisters getting let off the hook by Cinderella’s kind heart, they are less fortunate, due to one step sister cutting off her big toe while the other cuts off part of her heel just to fit into the slipper, as well as being blinded by Cinderella’s faithful birds. The Disney adaptation is wonderful for the younger generation and sends a good message to always follow your dreams. In the film adaptation Ever After, this Cinderella becomes a certain kind of role model for young women in the sense of not being a damsel in distress.  She ultimately takes care of herself and her prince, which I find is the best portrayal of real-life obstacles. She’s feisty.  Win.

Fairytales – one, Adaptations – one.




Claire Marshall.

Claire is short, though she likes to cheat and wear heels.  She was born in Toronto and, yes, she likes the Leafs. She is a caffeine addict and likes super heroes and anime. In her spare time, she enjoys writing fiction, reading, playing video games, and watching her favourite shows and movies. She is a social media addict with a wicked sense of humour and follows celebrity gossip like the bible.

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