AC Official Pedestrian Guide

By Emily Theelen

Post-secondary education can be challenging for reasons you might not expect.

Here at Algonquin, we understand that navigating stairways, corridors, and other areas dense with pedestrian traffic can be confusing, especially for beginners. May this guide act as a reference for the best practices, or Inconsiderate Walking (IW) when traveling on campus. Once you feel comfortable, the escalator and sidewalk guides will help you prepare for the next level in our graduated walking system: shopping malls and streets. 

Doorways: If a door is about to swing shut, rushing through before it closes is a great way to avoid germs by not touching door handles, or having to remove your hands from your pockets altogether. The person behind you will understand.

Speed: Please move at whatever pace you see fit, those rushing to get to class on time need to learn better time management. 

In groups: Staying with the group is important. This can be ensured if everyone walks in a horizontal line at the pace of the slowest member. Be sure to exude confidence and avoid breaking the very important conversation you are having. Do not waver until oncoming traffic concedes. 

Cell phones: GPS is a great tool for navigating. We suggest you keep your eyes on your phone and walk slowly to avoid getting lost. Alternatively, you may want to text someone you know for directions. Dragging your feet ensures consistent contact with the ground and the sliding noise will notify other pedestrians that you’re there. Remember not to look up. If you choose to talk on your cell phone during your travels, be sure to do so loudly with earbuds in to keep others guessing. 

Holding your phone up to your ear with your elbow out as far as possible from your body ensures the best reception.

Stopping: When there’s an opportunity to socialize, stopping abruptly to start a conversation in traffic helps maintain the lasting college relationships you will make. Taking a selfie preserves the memory, giving collateral for validation on social media later.

Traffic Flow: Keeping to the right is traditional and outdated, especially on narrow stairways. Please take the side you find convenient regardless of the flow of traffic. The college has placed decorative medians to help you think outside the box. 

Please disregard oncoming traffic. We pride ourselves on our students’ problem-solving skills, especially when traveling around groups.

Music: If you wish to listen to music, please be inclusive and use your phone speakers so the rest of the hallway can enjoy your music.

This guide covers the basics of walking like most others on campus, and we recommend that all students focus on themselves at this critical time of personal and professional development.

Photo Credit: Olivia Vanderwal


Emily is a spoiled firstborn and an aspiring editor. She has a Bachelor of General Social Sciences from the University of Ottawa and works part-time as a waitress. In her spare time, she can be found in her apartment compiling her imaginary sneaker collection on Pinterest, snacking, and balancing on her head (sometimes at the same time). 

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