What is Crafting the College Life all about?


Welcome to Crafting the College Life …of caffeine, overdraft, and insomnia.

Post-secondary education is notorious for challenging your perspective, sleep habits, and your wallet. It'll feel like you're being asked to recite the alphabet backwards while standing on your head, but it’s really all about finding the right balance. That’s where we come in— to fill your college life with fun and make your post-secondary experience truly memorable.

Not sure what’s going on this weekend, or heck, what’s going on Wednesday nights because you have Thursdays off? We'll be talking about how to stitch your social life with fun things to do on a budget, both on and off campus.

Feeling overwhelmed? No need to fear! We'll share out best tips regarding the art of organization to get and keep yourself on track.

Need some humour before a long day? We're cooking up some literal comic relief (get it?) to keep level-headed perspective on tap. You’ll want to forward our comics to your friends!

How about some know-how for doing everything from cooking on a student budget to Christmas gifts you’ll actually be able to afford? We've got lots of ideas to do it your own competent self.

We’re students too — we’re all on this crazy ride together.

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Mary Jane Schauland

Mary Jane's writing obsession began with fanfiction in 7th grade. Later, she discovered how to develop her own stories, and now she’s in Profession Writing at Algonquin College to take her fiction to the next level. Oh, and she’s still a huge nerd.