Essay Extravaganza


The Other Side Of The Glass by Mike Milito
The sports doctor made an appointment for me to see a specialist, while he told me I couldn’t play the rest of the season. He told me I couldn’t skate practices either or I would experience intense hip pain.

Matching Souls by Lynette Wilson
How do I begin to tell the story of a friendship that’s going-on-two decades long, where we’ve helped each other build the homes that have gone on to build us:

A transformation of my life perspective by Francis Rochon
Remember when video games were seen as unhealthy and bad? That it only promoted violence in young children?


Three Strike Downfall by Alyson Doherty
The three most significant moments in the past five years seemed like they happened a million years apart, not within the span of a few years.

Editing Without Ego: profile of Robert Giroux by Sheila Hill
Literary editor and publisher Robert Giroux worked with some of the most influential talents of the twentieth century. 

Fighting with Fritz by Tristan Handley
Next November marks the centennial anniversary of the end of The Great War. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around that; in my heart, I'm not sure if it will ever feel that far away.


From the archives...

A Girl and Her Game by Catherine Arbour
You're at Your Best When You're at Your Worst by Sam Chilton
Journey to Bliss by Tiffany Cuddy
A Symposium of Nothing by Tyler Cooke
Fairy-ly Bad by Meaghan Côté
Rockwood by William Cousins
Becoming Me by John Cutland
Ode to Divorce by Joe Fitzgerald
Finding Your Family by Ashton Heaps


Noura by Yushra Khodabocus
Reeling in a 30 Pounder by Myryam Ladouceur
The Monster of Bowl Lake by Madeleine Lange-Chenier
To Jeremy by Marty Le Gallez
In Life and Death by Cody Lirette
College vs. University by Anna Moat
Of Grandfathers and Guilt by Stephane Moisan
Not About That Party Life by Amanda Pereira
The Day I Dropped Out by Amanda Simard


Refracted Visions by Stephen Smith
Jungle of Concrete by Phoebe Strike
Courtyard by Rob Sullivan
Smiley Face by Alex Sundaresan
Nowhere to Go but Up by Gennifer Taggart
Uprooted by Allison van Maren
A LARP to Remember by Sharon van Wyngaarden
Tofino by Nicholas Wrixon-Wood
For the Win by Marta Zwart