Essay Extravaganza

A Girl and Her Game
by Catherine Arbour

An origin story from Disc 1 to Disc 4

You're at Your Best When You're at Your Worst
by Sam Chilton

Visiting father at the funhouse

Journey to Bliss
by Tiffany Cuddy

A teenage girl struggles with bullying and making friends

A Symposium of Nothing
by Tyler Cooke

The good, the bad, and the ugly; it's all me

Fairy-ly Bad
by Meaghan Côté

Some errors are permanent

by William Cousins

Lunacy in the loony bin

Becoming Me
by John Cutland

To find himself, he had to become someone else

Ode to Divorce
by Joe Fitzgerald

What actually happens when you marry your best friend

Finding Your Family
by Ashton Heaps

A journey to find a place I belong


by Yushra Khodabocus

My most cherished memory

Reeling in a 30 Pounder
by Myryam Ladouceur

You never know what grows inside you

The Monster of Bowl Lake
by Madeleine Lange-Chenier

What a sea monster taught me about love

To Jeremy
by Marty Le Gallez

A writer and their muse

In Life and Death
by Cody Lirette

Finding meaning in mental illness and the death of a relative

College vs. University
by Anna Moat

My experience with post-secondary bias

Of Grandfathers and Guilt
by Stephane Moisan

Time heals everything, but guilt opens old wounds

Not About That Party Life
by Amanda Pereira

That one night that ruined all the others

The Day I Dropped Out
by Amanda Simard

A story about learning to live with anxiety


Refracted Visions
by Stephen Smith

Seeing the world in a different light

Jungle of Concrete
by Phoebe Strike
China, the land of the upside down

by Rob Sullivan

Nothing is quieter than a hospital at midnight

Smiley Face
by Alex Sundaresan

Killing loneliness one cigarette at a time

Nowhere to Go but Up
by Gennifer Taggart

How I found my rock bottom

by Allison van Maren

Houses, memories, and the inevitability of change

A LARP to Remember
Sharon van Wyngaarden

My adventure into the unreal

by Nicholas Wrixon-Wood

A ride to hell

For the Win
by Marta Zwart

Being competitive hurts