The Music of My Childhood

It is an interesting thing to look at the progression of people's taste in music. For some it remains fairly similar over time, and for others it changes drastically.

A picture of me and hip hop artist Cormega

A picture of me and hip hop artist Cormega

When I first started to obsess over music, I remember there were two prominent artists that I could not get enough of. The first was Eminem (which I somehow convinced my mother to let me listen to even though every one of his albums had the big and bold "Parental Advisory: Explicit Content” sticker on it) and the second was pop punk band Sum 41. Both were pretty inappropriate for an 11 year-old to be listening to, especially given the fact that I was forbidden from playing Habbo Hotel at the time. While the former artist apparently stuck with me, as I still listen to a wide range of hip hop music today, the latter did not, as I very rarely listen to music in a band format anymore. No, my passion for music nowadays is based in the realm of electronic music, and it is very much a full-fledged passion.

As I think about it, I believe my taste in music during my childhood was developed in such a way because of the lack of access to the Internet back then. We tended to listen to what was most accessible to us in the MTV and MuchMusic era and didn’t really have the mind to venture outside of that. Electronic music was not very well represented in mainstream media those days, just like it isn’t now. Of course there were exceptions, such as Dirty Vegas’ “Days Go By” and Daft Punk’s “One More Time” (who could forget that groovy anthem promoting the sentiment of never wanting to stop dancing, accompanied by that charming animated music video), but there was also a very ugly side to it as well. Everyone can vividly remember that song “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” because of just how silly the video and song itself were. Not to mention that Hamsterdance song with those obnoxious pitched up vocals. Those tracks were the basis of my impression of electronic music back then, and it was not a very good impression.  

But with the extensive amount of content on the Internet, there has become a world of spectacular music unknown to many, provided by young producers from the comfort of their own bedrooms. Wanting to pay homage to these producers is one of the reasons why I began my music promotion brand: Electronic Gems.

Daniel Cummer

Daniel is a self-proclaimed writer hailing from Mississauga, Ontario with an unhealthy addiction to the Internet. He is a music enthusiast and a lover of classic sci-fi art and battle rap. He also mixes music and curates a promotional music channel on YouTube called "Electronic Gems".

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