The Inception

Growing out of the heavier and less shallow side of electronic music, I transitioned into the more “chill” side, as young people today like to call it. I stumbled across various channels supporting this side of the genre such as MrSuicideSheep, Majestic Casual, 17tumba, and various others (I have been all about YouTube for years now. I haven’t become invested in a TV show in quite awhile, and am pretty much a walking product of the Internet). I remember when I initially discovered these channels that would upload songs multiple times a week, I was enlightened as well as flustered, because there was so much I had to catch up on. Entire genres that I’d never heard of, like deep house, downtempo, and future funk had all become appealing to me, and there was so much of it to be heard.

After soaking in the many new tunes from these promotional music channels, I began to peruse sites like SoundCloud and Hype Machine as new sources of music. I started to find tracks on my own time which I did not see being posted on YouTube. One in particular that I can remember uploading, before the idea of having a music-related channel came to me, was a drum ‘n’ bass track called “Mother’s Theme” by Intelligent Manners. I happened to have a channel already made called HungOverGargoyle (I was such a creative young lad), where I posted clips from the video game Call of Duty. I interrupted the consistent flow of cyber war videos to post this new track that I was digging, because I was unable to find it on YouTube and felt it was too good not to be heard.

The upload majorly responsible for the creation of ElectronicGems.

One night, over a game of Call of Duty (surprise, surprise), one of my friends told me he listened to the song, and then told me “you should start a channel like MrSuicideSheep.” I didn’t think much of it at first because I was a lazy and apathetic teenager, but I began to consider it, and eventually made the executive decision to slow up on the Call of Duty videos and start using my channel for promoting music. Over time, I created a name, aesthetic, and logo, and ElectronicGems had become a reality.

Daniel Cummer

Daniel is a self-proclaimed writer hailing from Mississauga, Ontario with an unhealthy addiction to the Internet. He is a music enthusiast and a lover of classic sci-fi art and battle rap. He also mixes music and curates a promotional music channel on YouTube called "Electronic Gems".

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