Reaping the Benefits

                      The ElectronicGems logo

                      The ElectronicGems logo

ElectronicGems now has 141 uploads and (usually) features a new song three days a week. Over the course of my curation of the channel, I’ve found that Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday are the best days for traffic. Each video features an image of my logo, which was generously designed for free by this graphic designer, atop a selected piece of sci-fi art. The YouTube community has become crowded with music promotion channels and most of them opt to use clickbait images of scantily-clad women for their videos, so I am able to call the sci-fi aesthetic one that is unique to my channel and differ myself from that popular trend. I try to stay true to the original concept of ElectronicGems, in that I only upload songs that are minimally promoted on YouTube in order to really emphasize the sentiment that the song is a gem.

Creating this YouTube channel has turned out to be a great decision. It gives me something to focus on and look forward to on a weekly basis. I enjoy managing an entity and having full control over it. I’ve been able to establish connections with artists that I admire, and I have built a small, but loyal following.

It is also quite rewarding to receive feedback from listeners. Recently, I got a comment from a subscriber saying: “Officially watched all 129 of your uploads, you get me through my homework every night.” Comments like these are a reminder of the main reason I began the channel in the first place: to introduce people to some great music they might not have heard otherwise. I have also been thanked by numerous artists I’ve featured on the channel for promoting their music. I have truly become immersed in the realm of underground electronic music because of this endeavour.

In the future, I strive to make ElectronicGems into more than a YouTube channel and perhaps expand it into a blog. I’ve also created a SoundCloud and a Facebook account for my music promotion brand, and I've had a Twitter account for some time now. I have no plans of discontinuing the promotion of music that I love, and I am quite excited to see where it takes me in the future.

Since the launch of ElectronicGems, I have accumulated 750 subscribers and nearly 185,000 total views, but at the end of the day it’s not about numbers; it’s about the music.


Daniel is a self-proclaimed writer hailing from Mississauga, Ontario with an unhealthy addiction to the Internet. He is a music enthusiast and a lover of classic sci-fi art and battle rap. He also mixes music and curates a promotional music channel on YouTube called "Electronic Gems".

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