Modern Day Overkill

This post is a departure from my regular topic of breweriana and I hope you will find it equally enjoyable.

When I was young, I equated political correctness with common sense and good manners and for many years that was the role I saw it play.

There were words that one didn't say and mostly everyone knew what those words were. They were hateful words with negative connotations towards certain minorities. The goal of eradicating these words was to promote acceptance and equality, qualities that in turn would benefit Canada as a whole.

However, in recent years, these word changes have attempted to affect things that have no negative connotations at all. On this growing list are: Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Halloween.

So how has it come to this? I think that the powers that be concluded that all the political correctness in the world cannot stop some people from hating and decided to move on to another battlefield.

"Let's target holidays that certain groups do not celebrate and make them relatable to all. Then no one will feel left out or slighted," they theorized. That is, except those who celebrated the occasion in the first place.

At this point, political correctness has become less about protecting minority groups from harmful behaviour and more about making a vibrant, diverse society into an indivisible entity. We are not all the same, so why pretend we are?

I asked myself: "Who is responsible for this overzealousness?" The answer to this question has become apparent: government bureaucrats prodded and supported by special interest groups. In some cases, they're two of the same.

Secondly, "Are they actually representing the true views of the groups that they purportedly help?"

I have met a number of non-Christians during the "holiday season" who have not only been ok with being wished a "Merry Christmas" but have actually returned the same greeting. So who are these politicians and groups actually representing?

Ultimately, these misguided politicos are only representing themselves and posturing to attain votes from minority groups. They may appear to be dealing with pertinent, concrete issues but they are not.

By focusing on easy, traditional targets, they are merely achieving face-time and stirring the proverbial pot by promoting over-sensibility within society, and hoping in vain that votes will follow.

Food for thought: and

Here's a clip from The Royal Canadian Air Farce that sums up how extreme things could get if we're not careful.


Dave Didylowski

is a 45 year old freelance writer, born and raised in Ottawa, Canada who has been collecting breweriana for over 30 years. He is enrolled in the final year of Algonquin College’s Professional Writing Program.

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