Every journey has a beginning.

Had you approached me and claimed that social interactions with everyone I knew would change if I’d do something as simple as lose weight, I’d chuckle condescendingly—because let’s be honest, I’m a bit of an asshole—and regard you with utmost skepticism.

Unfortunately, you would have been right. I've learned first-hand the experiences of drastic weight loss, and how it influenced those around me. Now I’d be one of the few who’d be regarded with skepticism. What should've been simply a change of caloric intake has led to total upheaval, straining friendships like they were going through a colander.

Welcome, dear readers, to An Expanding World, A Shrinking Me. While I’d like to jump right into the meat and potatoes, the relationship between my friends and family is crucial to what’s to come.


Family always called me a “big” kid. It was the justification for my obesity, as it was simply in my genes. While they would sometimes be worried regarding my health, I’d dismiss them as the ignorant ones and continue my self-destructive lifestyle.

Having family speak to me about my obesity had become chatter as they’d repeat their claims in order to change everything about me. They didn't realize that any long-standing change needed to come from me.

One visit to my grandparents led me to go through my deceased father’s belongings. Within were records he had listened to in his youth, and ancient baseball cards stained and crippled by time. It wasn't supposed to lead to any epiphany. It was to be a simple bonding experience.

One box in particular hit me. Pictures and medals filled the box, accomplishments of weight-lifting or athletics that would've made anyone jealous. But disease had eaten this once-proud man and brought him to his knees.

Gazing down at my gut, it dawned on me that I wasn't simply a failure of a human being, I was a failure of a son. While I’d always known my father as a decrepit man who while I was young, this revelation showed me that he was probably ashamed of the path I treaded.

This sudden self-hate promoted my search for improvement, my desire to become a man who my father wouldn't be ashamed of and would gladly call his son. Perhaps he wouldn't have been ashamed, but it didn't matter. Whereas before I was content with my form, it was no longer acceptable.

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