Let It Snow

Nothing feels longer than waiting for the bus after a rough day. I don’t know if it’s the eagerness to get home that makes time go by slower or that, with the winter approaching, the weather is getting unbearably cold. Or maybe it’s the fact that once I get on, it’s still going to take another two to three hours before I actually get home. But something about it makes it feel like a decade will go by before I step through my front door. I’ve been waiting for 20 minutes when I finally see the bus drive up. I make sure to stand where I know the doors will open. If I’m going to be on the bus for another two hours, you can bet I’ll do whatever it takes to get a seat. Just as I anticipated, once the bus comes to a stop, the doors open right in front of me and I grab my usual seat. 

Photo Source: Amanda

Photo Source: Amanda

As the rest of the passengers board, I take out my earphones, queue my Christmas music, and tune out what’s going on around me. The bus leaves the station and the people and the world outside turn from solid objects to a passing blur. 

Every time the bus makes a stop I stare at the people boarding and descending the bus. I wonder what their lives are like. Are they in love? Are they a student? Are they a member of the working world? Are they happy with their lives? Did they have a good day? I know I sure as hell haven’t. Today was one of those days where it seems like practically everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. One annoying event after another. Like the universe was working against me. 

My day began well enough. Actually, when I woke up this morning, I was in a great mood. I only had one class to attend this afternoon, so my school day would be short. After class, I was meeting up with my old friend Leila for some Christmas shopping, and then my boyfriend was coming over. It was going to be a great day. But that’s not how it turned out. 

For starters, my bus to school was half an hour late this morning, making it impossible to not watch the minutes pass and feel my stress growing as it became more and more likely that I was going to be late for class. Once the bus finally got to school, the bus doors closed right on me as I was hopping off, sending my body into a spastic motion, knocking over the woman trying to get on. The second I felt my feet firm on the ground I booked it to class feeling positive that, despite all the bus blunders, I would still make it on time. A positive feeling that quickly turned to anger when I saw the sign on the class door announcing that class was cancelled. At least it can’t get any worse, I thought to myself. But as I did I felt the buzz of my phone in my hand and saw that I had a message from Leila. 

“Hey Elizabeth, sorry for doing this so close to when we were supposed to get together but I’m going to have to reschedule. Last minute my bro needed the car today, sorry girl!” 

Add that to the list.

The bus makes a stop and a new passenger seats themselves next to me, snapping me out of my reminiscing daze. It’s a woman my age, tall, perky, and talking loudly on the phone. She seems to take up a lot more room than the small seat that was available next to me. I can’t even recall how many times she bumped and elbowed me in the 30 minutes she was on the bus. I lost my count and patience after 10. Like I said, one annoyance after another. I was beyond relieved when she finally got off the bus. 

I’ve been on the bus for 50 minutes now and, if it keeps with this pace, we should reach the last stop in another 20 minutes, allowing me to catch my second and final bus on time. 

As the bus proceeds with its route we pass by the city river, my favourite part of the bus ride home. I notice that a few seats in front of me is a young couple, laughing and holding hands. I smile as I think about how, despite all of the bad and annoying things that happened today, later I’ll be the one smiling and laughing with my boyfriend, James. As I turn my grinning stare from the couple back to the water I feel a buzz coming from my bag. I pull out my phone and see a message from James. 

“Hey babe, don’t get mad but I have to cancel on tonight. Jake didn’t show up for his shift tonight and I’m the only one who can cover. I’m so sorry babe :( ”

The second I finish reading his message I laugh a little. After everything that happened today I don’t even know why I’m surprised. It couldn’t be a completely bad day without James canceling on me. I message him back saying it’s okay, then throw my phone in my bag, and turn up the volume of my Christmas music. I now want nothing more than to climb into bed—with a cup of tea and a stack of cookies—and sulk while I watch The Family Stone

After hitting seven red lights, the bus is finally rolling up to Fairview mall. I get my bag on and prepare myself to get off. As I look out at the station, I feel my cheeks turning bright red as I see my second bus letting on the last few stragglers, close its doors, and leave the station. I missed my second bus, perfect. 

After a half hour wait, and half hour bus ride, I finally reach my last stop. Feeling defeated, I get off the bus and take a deep breath as I realize that after a mere five-minute walk, I will finally be home and the day will be over. 

As I drag myself home I feel something wet fall on my cheek. I look up and see that snow is beginning to fall. It’s the first snowfall of the season. I stand there for a moment looking up at the sky as the snowflakes fall more fiercely, hitting my body and starting to soak me. But as I stand here getting wet from the snow, I’m not filled with the anger I’d been feeling all day. I close my eyes, raise my arms in the air and take it all in. As I feel the snow fall on my face and clothes, I feel it wash away all the anger and negativity that had taken over me.

Photo Source: Amanda

Photo Source: Amanda

As strange as it sounds, I love snow. People always think I’m crazy or joking when I tell them that but I’m being 100 per cent serious when I say I really love snow. Some of the best things that have happened in my life happened when it snowed. Whenever the snow comes, it always feels like the universe is sending me a present. No matter what is happening to me, where I am in life, or how I’m feeling, when the snow hits everything gets better and good things always follow. As I stand there basking in my snowy present, I no longer feel any of the negative emotions that had previously taken over my day. Because as the beautiful snow falls down, I know that even though today didn’t exactly work out the way I hoped, good things are on the way. 

After a good five minutes in the snowfall, I feel good enough to go home. As I reach my driveway, I feel my phone buzz again, and I see that I have another message from James. 

“Hey babe change of plans, I managed to find someone else to fill Jake’s shift so I don’t have to stay at work anymore! Tonight, I’m yours!”

I walk up to my door and look out to the falling snow with a smile on my face. Thank you, snow.

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