Pathway Problem

The following consists of excerpts from conversations that took place between two Rocket.Chat users on January 3rd - October 26th, 2016.


January 3rd, 2016

8:35 PM

260 Alameda North
I believe I’ll be on the fifth floor.

8:44 PM

Ok, I’ll make a scene trying to find you.
every floor

8:45 PM

Wielding an electric toothbrush like a madwoman
“Tell me where she is or face the wrath of two AA batteries.”

8:46 PM
and quick spinning bristles              

8:47 PM

I’ll grab you and say “we’re gunna be late for re-shingling that house!”

8:48 PM
The twist is I’m actually going to leave you on a roof.

8:49 PM

With or without my painkillers?

8:53 PM

This whole being nice thing is just a façade.
like your sanity

8:58 PM

My brains fell out around the time I started eating dirt.

9:00 PM

You were an odd child.

9:02 PM

Kids used to pay me to stuff my face with handfuls of clay and earthworms.
the halcyon days

9:24 PM
I’m having a lot of trouble writing tonight.

9:35 PM


9:37 PM
You can tell me to screw off.

9:39 PM

It’s not just you.

9:39 PM

What’re you writing?

9:40 PM

Always pining for the edge of a seat
Pen in hand but not in mind
Thots about pharmapologies
and mouthing mud to the Mar girl

9:48 PM

do you think you’re edgy?

10:01 PM

You’ve got a mind to make it heard
Head is high but not your words

January 5th, 2016

3:32 PM

Are you nervous about Friday?

3:34 PM

Not really. I’m more concerned about recovery time.

3:34 PM


3:35 PM

at least a month before I transcend vegetable status

3:39 PM

Don’t be melodramatic.
I’m going to find something to surprise you with this weekend.

3:45 PM
then lure you into my candy house and eat you

3:51 PM

Your sugary abode is probably more palatable than me.
I’m the bone that Hansel offers the witch.

3:54 PM

Witches gotta eat their veggies, even if the pickings have been relegated to beanpoles.

4:06 PM
We’ll fatten you up. 


January 11th, 2016

9:10 AM

How’s my shining beacon for the pseudo-literary masses?


a broken lightbulb in the Krubera cave

9:20 AM

How’s your face?
Still cool looking?

10:07 AM
sore, just like the leg

10:25 AM
I’m seeing how high I can stack Ritz crackers on my navel.

10:30 AM
A half foot, then Jenga

10:33 AM

You can do cheddar.


January 24th, 2016

7:44 AM

I just went on the best walk. Huntington Park was empty, so I let the oversized rat off her leash, and lounged in the grass while she explored

8:56 AM

Keep radiating that essence.

10:02 AM

I’ll take you when you’re feeling up to it.

10:07 AM

I couldn’t get out of bed today. I feel like that 10lb. slug from Brave Wilderness

10:11 AM

The resemblance is uncanny.

10:15 AM
Besides, you’re kind of a slimeball
An endearing one, from time to time.

photo source:  pixabay

photo source: pixabay


February 12th, 2016

12:21 AM

Are you awake?
Your couch is killing me.
Have I not earned my graduation to the master bedroom?

12:22 AM

You’ll have to wine and dine me first.


 ❤ February 14th, 2016 ❤

10:30 PM

How’s the get-together?
look who’s radiating their essence

10:37 PM

Not bad. Loud.
getting reacquainted with socialite past… fancy fancy

10:39 PM
Just walked in on a couple having sex in the bathroom.

10:42 PM

What a treat

10:43 PM

slapped a guy’s ass, then hobbled out

10:43 PM

The one that got away.

10:45 PM

What can I say? He had a voluptuous rump.

10:47 PM

Sometimes you make me proud.

11:56 PM
mostly you confound


April 17th, 2016

12:11 PM

I know I’ve been absent lately. Woopsies. I need someone to pick me up after treatment on Tuesday.

1:36 PM

Do I have a choice?

2:00 PM

you always do


May 12th, 2016

3:11 AM

Do you remember when all you needed for fun was a slinky and some kerosene?

3:13 AM

What does that even mean?

3:21 AM

It means I’m resolving to make my chaos external

3:23 AM

I remember when all the kid down the road dragged me into was bike rides without helmets.


June 7th, 2016

2:03 PM

your brains fell out when you started entertaining dirt

4:46 PM
There are percs to being a halfwit


June 8th, 2016

4:30 AM
I had an inspired thought but the thoughts kept on, and the inspiration absconded.
the white lady is no hillbilly


June 10th, 2016

11:00 PM

You know, I always wished you’d just wear the stupid helmet.

11:06 PM
the doggo’s teething


July 2nd, 2016

4:46 PM

For $10, one can name a cockroach after their ex at the Bronx Zoo.

5:05 PM

Where’s the Bronx Zoo?

5:12 PM

The Bronx, presumably.
Y’know- not far from where gasoline flowed like rivers through cobblestone streets one shitty November evening, blinding the neighborhood children, sending them spiraling into a torrent of oily amaranthine folds. Where the whole thing lit up. KA-BOOM. N'est-ce pas?


August 10th, 2016

6:02 PM


11:58 PM
If you could live anywhere, where would that be?


September 1st, 2016

1:35 PM

In a little triangle house, on the north peak of the Rappenstein mountain in Switzerland.

1:35 PM

You’ve thought about this.

2:58 PM

I know me. Do you know you?

3:06 PM

I don’t know. A cloud, maybe?

3:13 PM

photo source:  pixabay

photo source: pixabay

September 14th, 2016

4:47 AM

My spontaneity, my illusion of love for life, is in the sprawl of urban escape on a bathroom wall. A scarified heart in pockmarked plaster: two initials, a gag, or a declaration of youthful abandon. A means to see her chest? Digress? If only my girlfriend guest were impressed by the toilet seat mess where I’m at my best.


October 26th, 2016

8:01 AM

You should pick up your junk

10:23 AM

Can you swing by with it on Monday? I can’t leave the house.
I still have some treats with fuzz-for-brain’s name on them

10:28 AM

I’ll stop by and bring her with me if you can clean up.
the pupper still thinks it’s you at the door

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