Professional Writing Anthology



Pathway Problem
by Sambo Chilton

Crash course for a crackpot and her halo of habit

by Joe Fitzgerald

The future of music is in good hands

by Sharon Van Wyngaarden

My blind date with a stereotype


My Book of Regrets
by Tiffany Cuddy

A happily married woman is faced with a difficult decision when her ex-boyfriend comes to win her back

by Nick Gibbins

The warmth between lovers does not multiply

They Don't Speak
by Cody Lirette

A forgotten love song that needs no voice

Slice of Life

The Temple
by Ashton Heaps

Terrified of becoming a father, a man runs off to Thailand to escape his girlfriend and his life

The Party
by Tyler Cooke

A night of adventure unfolds for our nerdy hero

Let It Snow
by Amanda Pereira

How a visit from an old friend can make any day better

by Alex Sundaresan

The desert devours everything it touches—but it won't devour us



by Catherine Arbour

A journey of light and redemption

Battle Fit for a God
by John Cutland

If you were God, how would you keep yourself entertained?


To Charm the Sea
by Marty Le Gallez

A melody to sway the tides

Die Wolfssegner
by Rob Sullivan

It's a long way to grandmother's house


That One Time I Almost Caught a Unicorn
by Allison Van Maren

Buckle up for a magical and disappointing adventure

The Heart of the Swamp
by Nicholas Wrixon-Wood

A tale of peace, ignorance, desolation, and hope


Magical Realism

Our One Night a Year
by Christ Campeau

A Halloween tale in the spirit of siblings

Ring One Last Time
by Meaghan Côté

The sound of life's end

by Stephane Moisan

Everyone wants to grow old with someone special. Be careful what you wish for


What You Sow
by Amanda Simard

For every mistake, there is a price to pay

by Phoebe Strike

A lonely teen meets a child with a strange illness


Dream Fuel
by William Cousins

Savour your memories

by Myryam Ladouceur

One man's unpleasant job takes him on the ride of his lifetime

Bloody Brilliance
by Marta Zwart

The splattered road to fame



Fragile Memories
by Paulina Grace Hrebacka

How heavy is a secret?

by Yushra Khodabocus

For a woman groomed to comply

by Madelaine Lange-Chenier

A poignant story about a father and daughter coping with the death of a loved one


by Anna Moat

You never know what you'll find on the beach

by Stephen Smith

A lovelorn teen discovers just how dangerous assumptions can be



The Burn
by Sean Stone

What happens when you play with fire?

by Gennifer Taggart

Dog's are a girl's best friend