Witch's Cuisine

Greetings, friends. As you know the most wonderful time of the year, Halloween, has recently passed, and to celebrate, our dinner took place the eve before. This Halloween dinner was full of creativity and paired with Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem, a movie about witchcraft and Satan. What could be more appropriate? (Besides the movie Halloween.)

We began the evening with a carefully prepared appetizer of guacamole stuffed brain (cauliflower). Yum. The guacamole was flavourful and spicy like trippy hellfire or heat-lamp crucifixes (recommended for keeping away vampires). I like my guacamole hot and always add extra jalapenos.

I am unfortunately cursed with egg misfortune, the way the main character in this movie is cursed by witches, and I required assistance to make the deviled eyes. These paired well with demonic possession and from what I hear, were quite tasty.

Normally I pair my dinners with a wine, but because it was Halloween we had something different; a drink called Eve’s Black Heart. A mix of hard cider, Guinness and Amaretto. This might sound gross but it was actually good, the slight sweetness pairing well with the guacamole and main dish. Its dark colour matched the charcoal colour of the burnt skin of Salem witches.

For the main course we had pinwheel flank steaks, stuffed with chimichurri sauce and white cheddar, served with a side of coleslaw. The chimichurri sauce had a certain bite to it from the red onion and gave the steak a unique flavour, mixed with its marinade. The oozing cheese when I first pulled the steak from the oven was similar to a bloated corpse, waiting to take a pure soul. It was tasty as hell. The coleslaw was the only thing I left plain; it served its purpose like the vessel for evil.

This dinner was a sweet treat for a fantastic holiday and the movie was bizarre but interesting in the way only Rob Zombie makes his films. I hope your Halloween was as fun and interesting as ours. See you at the next ritual.


Gina Roberts

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