Rack of Lamb and a Filthy Movie

Hello, and welcome to the first edition of Dinners to Die For, where friends enjoy a fine meal and movie. This week we look at a pairing of Canadian Cuisine and Septic Man, a movie which takes place in the Ontario city of Collingwood.

For this meal, I specially prepared a tender and bloody rack of lamb with a sweet, blueberry wine sauce, offset by herb-roasted potatoes draped with a sharp, Applewood smoked cheddar (from Ontario). Paired of course with a fine Merlot from the Trius Winery located on the Niagara Peninsula, right here in Ontario.

That night we had a surprise guest; and much like the surprise guests removed from a pipe by the septic man, I was unprepared. Luckily, things worked out. While the lamb finished cooking and the sauce boiled on the stove, we bantered about school and debated on lifespans shortening in the next few years. The kitchen, meanwhile, was acquiring a delicious scent.

Finally, dinner was served and wine glasses filled.


The lamb was a nice seared brown on the outside, mirroring the movie’s theme, but the centre was pink, a perfect medium-rare. Some dipped the lamb into the sauce and some poured it over; either way it went well. The slight sweetness of the blueberries mingled with the maple syrup and wine to create a balanced flavour when in contact with the lamb, the way septic water must have tasted to a man trapped in a tank for days. The Trius Merlot complemented the lamb nicely with its own subtle, berry taste. It could have been poured over the lamb as well, similar to the blood poured over septic man, after a man was chain-sawed, but why waste good wine?

The herb-roasted potatoes were a great offset. They had a spiced flavour that stood apart from the savoury and sweet lamb. The cheddar was as sharp as the hidden pipe spear used to fight a murderer. The contrast of flavours ensured that each part of the meal tasted new every time.

The meal was far more delectable than the two fingers eaten by the septic man.

This concludes week one's dinner with friends. If you'd like to know more about the man trapped in a septic tank, check it out on imdb. It’s a gas.


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