Rant Against Stupidity

Begin rant:

I pride myself on always telling the truth; though honestly it’s something I say to disguise the fact that I don’t have a filter. I am not afraid to say that people are idiots! I don’t say this to be mean or hurt people’s feelings, I say this because it’s the truth and something has to be done before my head explodes as a result of the world’s overwhelming stupidity. However, I do sometimes contemplate if some people are just ridiculously inconsiderate, as they act like their ego somehow negates the existence of other individual people.

I know this is a harsh reality to face, but I don’t lie: people are dumb! If you weren’t aware of this than maybe you should check for a pulse. And don’t worry, I have unlimited examples to back this up.

How about, for example, how despite my concentrated efforts to bag groceries correctly customers still insist on holding up the line to repack everything – moving their bread and tomatoes to the bottom and their canned goods to the top. Why in God’s name do they think this a wise decision? Plus, they do it right in front of me, and then come back 10 seconds later to yell at me about damaged goods! If they think this is acceptable, then they have another thing coming!

Then there are the people who continually pick up items and put them back down wherever they want. Like it’s too hard to just put it back where you found it, instead of hiding it for me to find later. Customers even insist on putting things on the wrong pegs as I stand beside them. It’s hard to tell if in this instance they are actually idiotic or sadistic and get pleasure out of tormenting me.

There are also many instances when customers forget that I’m human and not a magic robot. There is no way I will ever be able to memorize an itemized list of everything in-store and online. I have a life and despite being at work for over 40 hours a week I do have other priorities. Also, customers insist on asking me the same question over and over, but expect a different answer each time. I can’t read minds or construe a different meaning from the same words no matter the change in intonation.

Furthermore, people still take closing time as a mere suggestion and insist on coming in five minutes before close – or even right when we try to lock the doors – and insist they just need one thing. This is then followed by a hundred questions about that “one thing” and 20 minutes going back and forth between various options of the same “thing.”

Since I have clearly stipulated the stupidity of society, all the jokes about things being free when they don’t scan need no explanation.

In other words, people are NOT horribly inconsiderate... they are just dumb.

End of rant.

Caitlin Graham


Caitlin Graham prides herself on saying she graduated university without debt, after working up to six part-time jobs at a time. However, she can be classified as a glass-half-empty person with a tendency to be straightforward. She hopes to become a glass-refillable person after grasping a stable career. 

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