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Welcome to the virtual world of web writing! No more paper and ink here. is a collection of blogs, columns, reviews, feature stories and fiction "penned" by the Professional Writing students of Algonquin College. 

Algonquin’s School of Media and Design offers a two-year program in Professional Writing, designed for people who have an aptitude and passion for writing and a willingness to practise their craft in a variety of media. This is the online portion of that media training. Graduates will possess exemplary writing skills for both print media and electronic platforms, and this is their practice ground. 

We invite you to browse through a diverse collection of writers and subjects. Use our blog index to find something that interests you... we mean it when we say the selection is diverse! Participate in our discussions, on everything from the future of reading to the dangers of censorship. Finally, view the features, reviews, columns and fiction chosen by the editors in one of our magazine issues. Feel free to join in the conversation, experience social media, and comment on what someone has written.