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Environment Canada is predicting a harsh winter - and Canadians are bracing themselves for it in an ingenious new way. With the Trudeau government at the helm, and the economy left to balance itself out , Canadians are forced to tighten the drawstrings on money pouches tighter and tighter.

Instead of going south this year, Canadians are turning to sports equipment, but not just any type: treadmills. This has turned the retail industry on its head. Now industry giants like Sport Check are training needed staff and expanding their locations to get on this gravy train.

These treadmills are fully customizable and built to suit the needs and fancies of their varied customers. The choices are almost endless, bringing the likes of simple nozzles to imitate anything from soft drizzle to a steady downpour, to the full green screen for those who wish to immerse their viewers in interactive programming; there’s something for everyone.

The most popular choice of the season is the front-end projector rack. It gives customers the capability of attaching a wide range of video and audio equipment. Many customers are now investing in 4K televisions to make their experiences even more thrilling. Going south is a thing of the past. All you need to do is hop onto the treadmill, turn on your television, tune in to the Beach Channel, and there you are, running beside alligators and flamingos.

photo by: Stephane Moisan

photo by: Stephane Moisan

Gamers are also turning their sitting experience into a reason to exercise. Many of them have already converted their gaming rooms to fit the treadmills. Most who are broadcasting their gaming sessions have the fully interactive green screens, giving their viewers a vicarious experience.

Fully compatible with the Oculus™ and most video devices on the market, the exercise machine maximizes each user experience.

“My channel used to suck and my viewers would tell me to get a tan, that I looked like Casper. Now, with the help of tanning lamps attached to the side of my treadmill, and the full interactive green screen behind me, I’ve become an internet sensation. They now call me the new Conan.” – Chad ‘Conan’ Verril, Twitch channel sensation.

And from the younger generation to the older one, the trend is picking up. Old age homes across the country have ordered custom treadmills, equipped with big screen televisions and special input wires compatible with most consoles, smart devices and computers.

Apps and games have been produced to enhance life in such environments, to promote better health through play. The Carrot™ app is derived from this need and has found great popularity among the elderly. Based on the simple process of catching the carrot, the user is encouraged to follow the carrot until the end of the course or after certain distances are reached, and rewarded from a special dispenser attached to the side of the treadmill.

Based on the Skinner Box, the game goes through conditioning the user, and within a few hours or days, has them enjoying the exercise, and looking forward to their next treat.

At a fraction of the price of conventional trainers, the unit safeguards the rider and requires little to no supervision. The security key, used to stop the treadmill in the case of a fall, can be replaced by a full seat to keep the user from falling over at all.

For enthusiasts of the great outdoors, the units are fully customizable with environmental stimulators. Organized around the treadmill, a series of fans, shower heads and heat lamps can be set up to imitate almost any weather or environment. Runners can now train in the condition they desire; extreme heat or cold, wind speeds of up to fifty kilometers an hour, as well as blizzard conditions. An air conditioning unit, able to produce up to three centimeters of snow per hour can be special ordered and installed within days.

photo by: Stephane Moisan

photo by: Stephane Moisan

With as much popularity as Pokemon Go, the new customizable treadmill, contrary to the Nintendo app, is here to stay. It seems it will indeed rival the shores of Mexico and Florida, without requiring hours of travel and frustration for enjoyment. Canadians can now be fit and enjoy their daily activities simultaneously. And for those who love to have their cake and eat it, they can now do this with the fully retractable table and cup holders.

Stephane Moisan

Stephane Moisan is a student in the Professional Writing program at Algonquin College. He has been happily married (to the same woman) for the past 25 years and is the father of two teenagers. He enjoys reading and writing, as well as spending time with his family.

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