Ignorance Is Bliss

This country is going crazy. From rising crime rates to discrimination, we are losing control of our society. Politicians are conducting fruitless, circular debates, trying to find the best solution to handle this dizzying downward spiral, but it’s taking too long. Their greed blinds them from the answer staring right in the face.

photo source:  Pixabay

photo source: Pixabay

Authoritarianism. Under the protective wing of authoritarianism, peace can thrive and so can we, as a society. Crime rates would drop. If we look at China, a decidedly authoritarian state, we see that their gun violence is six times less than what we have in Canada, and robberies are four times more common here than in China. Even for those who do break the law, the government would make a decision on what to do, be it execution, locking them up, or allowing them to walk free. We would save time and money by forgoing the expensive, archaic practice of trials. Furthermore, by the government handling all of these decisions, without need of public input or worry, we would have more time to relax and enjoy life, as these difficult decisions would not concern us. What else is a government meant for, than to make the lives of its citizens easier, and what better way to achieve that, than to unburden their minds?

Discrimination would also become a non-issue. By having the government decide what lifestyles are allowed, it would be impossible to discriminate, as we would all be leading one of a few prescribed lifestyles. This would also eliminate worry in the lives of the people. The “existential crisis” would be a thing of the past. In a world of skyrocketing prevalence in anxiety, our worries and insecurities would be neutralized.

An authoritarian government would also take steps to protect its valued citizens from the stresses of the outside world. Again, we turn to China as the gold standard; we see how this type of government would have the power to block upsetting information from other countries, in consideration of our peaceful lives. Similarly, it would have the power to neutralize and internal threat to our peace. It would have the immediate freedom to shut down any attempt at disruption, from troublemakers who try to speak against the public, to terrorists. No bureaucratic walls; just pull the trigger and the problem is solved. Easy. Efficient. Painless.

photo source:  Pixabay

photo source: Pixabay

Even on a more micro-scale, it would be beneficial. Have you ever had someone speak against your beliefs? Someone who has a different opinion than you and tried to challenge your views, in search of an argument? These types of people would be eradicated through either assimilation into the prescribed lifestyles, or the aforementioned shutting down of disruption.

If you want a closer-to-home example, look no further than radical feminism. The group speaks for all women, everywhere, and it takes pride in the fact it knows what is best for the female gender. They never back down for anyone and they will take any steps necessary to ensure the safety and comfort of its members (and indeed, all women). Radical feminists can recognize when a women is being oppressed by the patriarchy, even when the woman doesn’t recognize it herself, and act immediately on her behalf. Even without being asked to, they anticipate the need for advocacy and action. Think of this mother-hen group as a kind of micro-authoritarianism. It is a caring, yet functional system.

The only true way to unify a country is through authoritarianism.  One voice, deciding what is best for its people, advocating, and taking immediate action on their behalf. The benefits of it are clear: less day-to-day stress and worry, drastically lower crime rates, elimination of discrimination, and never again having your beliefs being challenged by heathens. The alternative: this spiraling, out of control, mess we call democracy. It is time we act, and we must do it soon, before we are too far down the democratic rabbit hole. We cannot afford to wait for our politicians to waste away our tax dollars, sitting around a table, bickering about dead-end “solutions”. All we need is a government who knows what they are doing, to take care of all aspects of our lives for us.

Critical thinking is overrated, and ignorance is bliss.

Gennifer Taggart

Gen Taggart was born and raised in the city fun forgot. She has what's probably an unhealthy obsession with Doctor Who and is a hoarder of notebooks full of half-finished short stories and tattoo ideas. When not jotting down ideas for the next bestseller or trying to navigate the complexities of being single, she can often be found cuddling with her dogs and binging on Netflix.

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