No Trump and No Shout for HilLIARy



We all have that one thing that scares us to death, whether it be bad grades or horrifying phobias. Alas, this year there has been one thing that has scared me far more, and that is the presidential election. Because I live in Canada, I couldn’t care less about the American government or their next president. It’s all one giant farce and it came down to the two biggest morons ever seen running, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. With the way this went, a dog would have been better suited for president. Seriously, I think a dog would have been a far better option than anyone, especially the two dunces. However, this is getting out of hand, and because I like to go to the U.S for vacations, not only am I concerned, I am also horrified.

We all know from the debates between Clinton and Trump that neither of them are suited for the job. We were all secretly hoping that during the last debate someone would have pulled a chain and they’d fall into a sewer where a crocodile would start chompin’. The debate would be over, and we could go back to our normal lives and let Obama rule until he dies. Then, of course, a dog would rule.



If I lived in America, I wouldn’t have voted for either of them. The wicked witch of the west wing, Hillary wanted to pay women equally to men - like any of that really matters with her criminal activity and all. Then, there is Lord Voldemort, who wanted to build a wall along U.S-Mexico border. Nobody, not even Canadians, wanted either of these nimrods running for President. It would have been perfect if Obama just stayed President for a while until we found some professional and suitable candidates. Clinton and Trump deserve nothing more than to be tossed out on their butts and banished from the U.S.

 Let’s be real though, this dream would never happen. Obama couldn’t stay President forever, so when he did eventually leave or pass, there’s no way a dog could ever take his position. I mean, it would have been awesome and the world would be great for a while, but no, here in the shambles of the world, this would never be possible. Instead, we’re getting stuck with a carrot-skinned, toupee wearing, narcissistic criminal.

Trump screwed up his side of the debate, and we thought fewer people were going to vote for him because of it and yet… Why should any of us – whether we’re American or not – have to deal with either one of these egotistical bow-wows. It’s ridiculous that literally anyone can run for president. Just think, someone with no college experience and no political experience can run and win presidency. Sounds terrifying, doesn’t it? Now it’s reality. I’m not saying that Trump or Clinton didn’t have any experience, but they’re halfwits and this debate was partially them spewing nonsense.

With this kind of idiocy in the world, it almost makes you want to leave and never look back. I would go live on the moon if I could, because with having Trump or Clinton as President, the world is turning into a place of fools.

I think if I absolutely had to vote for one of these dolts... No, I couldn’t have. I couldn’t do it. If life has taught me anything in my short 19 years, it would be that there are a lot of people in this world that do a lot of dumb stuff, for example, voting nitwits as president, and that anyone can run for it too. I know one thing for sure, I don’t like people like Donald and Hillary.

The air used to be filled with the scent of freedom, but with Trump as President the odour has gone pungent. The only thing you can smell now is strong perfume and spray tan laced with arrogance. Please, if these are our choices again in 2020, just vote for the dog. 

Tiffany Cuddy

Tiffany Cuddy is a second year Professional Writing student at Algonquin College. Writing realistic creative fiction stories is her passion whether it’s short stories or someday a novel. She loves watching TV and movies whenever she gets the chance. She doesn’t like watching documentaries; she finds them boring to watch and will fall asleep (also loves sleeping).

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