Dry Humour With Three Olives


The First Child
by Yushra Khodabocus
What happens when a first child gets tired of being number one? 

Hipsters Under Fire for Cultural Appropriation
by Joseph Fitzgerald
Hipstirring up trouble

OC Transpo Raises Prices to Fund Time Travel Research
by Rob Sullivan
The next logical step in public transit

Going the Extra Mile
by Stephane Moisan
Life going nowhere? Tread carefully

Ignorance Is Bliss
by Gennifer Taggart
Authoritarianism trumps all

Reality Trumps Reality TV
by Nicholas Wrixon-Wood
Reality is the best entertainment

No Trump and No Shout for HilLIARy
by Tiffany Cuddy
Is it 2020 yet?

Nicolas Cage Builds Secret Moon Base, Giant Death Ray
by Sharon Van Wyngaarden
It's the end of the world and Nicolas Cage is still smiling

Ronald McDonald Announces Retirement
by Sam Chilton
McDonald's quits clowning around

The Consultant
by Sean Stone
A dispatch from Silvanus Urban, the world’s foremost consulting service