Corey Reed on Placement

We caught up with Corey Reed of the Algonquin Professional Writing Program to discuss his recent placement. Here is a short excerpt from our interview!

How did you secure your placement?
Really, through determination and initiative. I was keen on getting a placement within the Government. It all felt so simple; I was offered the placement during the initial interview and never had any problems. I feel very lucky - if anything, I feel a little guilty that I didn't have to fight more to get in.

Was it challenging in the beginning? Why?
It was a challenge in the beginning. Leaving the environment of Tim Horton's and entering the Auditing and Planning Directorate of the Senate left me feeling like a fish out of water - and suffocated by political terminology. For the first week, it was hell for me mentally. But my advisor was fantastic and ensured I had guidance. Now it's like second nature.

What is a positive aspect of your placement?
I know it sounds cheesy, but really to be able to edit and write content is the best part of this. Certainly can't complain about how it looks on my resume, either.

A negative?
Honestly? The pacing. I don't like running out of things to do, and due to circumstances beyond anybody's control, I had far less work than was initially planned. Still, these things happen. Really, I can't complain.

Where do you hope to go from here?
Anywhere. Everywhere. Certainly not nowhere. If I can make a living writing content or editing without having to live paycheck to paycheck or as a full time novelist, I'll be happy.