Katerina Glowienka on the Special Project

Name: Katerina Glowienka
Age: 20
Occupation: Customer service
Favourite Pro Writing Class: Story Telling Theory

What has working on this magazine taught you?
It’s taught me a lot about deadlines, making sure meeting yours is top priority, or else it can affect the workers after you. It’s also taught me that not everyone can come through, and sometimes you need to work around those surprises. Being quick on your feet is a handy skill that most should learn.

What were you most excited about? 
In placement, I honestly was excited to have a solid product to say I was a part of creating. The idea of having almost complete control over what we do, how we organize everything, was really intriguing. For overall school, I loved getting to know everyone. Being in college, in a program where my skills lie, is fascinating. Knowing that I’m surrounded by others who share the same interests and have similar skills as I do, is such a change from high school, where I thought I was the only one, and stood out for it.

What do you wish you had more time for? 
For placement, I wish we could’ve included everyone - but that’s a part of the real world, where if you don’t receive submissions after giving so many extensions, the project has to go on regardless. But I really wish we could’ve included everyone. In general, I wish I could’ve gotten to know the other group of students - the other section. I made great friendships within my own group, I feel like I could’ve made more with spending more time with the others. I also wish I had more time for myself - I barely wrote outside of assignments. You get caught up in everything and focus on so much, I really should have taken a moment to breathe and did some writing for myself.

What advice do you have for future students doing placement on campus?
Be organized. Even if you aren’t, learn to be. I never was during highschool and it killed me once I got to college. I smartened up after my first year, but with so much going on it would’ve helped to have figured it all out sooner. Also, keep the connections you make, either in placement or just with your profs or classmates. You never know how these people could help you out, don’t burn bridges.