Hit record, I'm ready to sing


In the past many musicians stayed away from self recording. But when you’re a young band just starting out, you can’t always afford to travel to a studio and pay them to record your track. That’s why in the early days of Chasing Amber, we have decided to take a DIY approach.

Recording and finishing a track is no simple task, many things are needed, and not all of them can be bought. You can buy all the computers and programs that you like, but you need to know how to operate them properly to get a good final product. Luckily for Chasing Amber, lead singer Cameron Roderick doubles as a studio technician.  Having worked with recording software and with experience recording amateur demos for musicians, Cameron Roderick has filled the role of studio technician in Chasing Amber.

Chasing Amber's official logo

Chasing Amber's official logo

Time is also a factor when recording. You need to record every instrument individually and listen to it closely to ensure that the track is flawless before finalizing it. This must be done for every instrument, though it doesn't always go perfectly the first time. Vocal tracks, however, take a long time no matter what. Have you ever heard someone say “That band sucks live?” This is because the lead singer has as many chances as he wants to hit every note perfectly and record it flawlessly. During live shows, mistakes are unavoidable.

Once all that is done, the final touches are put on the demo: checking to make sure all the volume levels mix and blend together so one instrument doesn't drown out the other, and final vocal editing. After we do all of those things, we have a great demo to send away to record labels, venues, and of course our friends and family.

Listen to Chasing Amber's Cover of "Every Time We Touch" by Cascada


My name is Jamie Sturgeon, and I am one of the founding members of Chasing Amber consisting of members; Cameron Roderick, Brandon Roderick, Austin Stevenson, Dustyn Locke. I am in the second year of the Professional Writing program at Algonquin College. I only have about 4 years of experience under my belt but with my talented band- mates, we think we've created a group that has the potential to break into the music industry. My blog will document Chasing Amber's early days.