Cinnamon Rolls and Escapism

In a magical, wish-granting world where small children bring fairies to life with a clap of their hands, all of my homework would be done and the bathroom would be clean.

This is not that world.

Sometimes, procrastibaking is a way to recruit people to your cause. Sometimes it’s a form of escapism. It’s always a source of comfort. But this week it is nothing short of survival. With no fewer than five different assignments due, this week demands the ultimate sugar buzz, with the extra dose of stress relief that comes from kneading dough.

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This week requires cinnamon rolls.

For bonus points, serve them up with a hot cup of strong, black tea. Add a liberal splash of whiskey to the mug. I won’t tell anyone.

My favourite recipe for cinnamon rolls can be found here. It mixes up easily and the dough is a dream to work with. It can be left to rest in the refrigerator, on the off chance that inspiration strikes while you’re working and you need to take a break from the kitchen to work on the review column that’s due on Monday.  

Be warned: this recipe produces a huge batch of sticky, golden, cinnamon-scented goodness. More than you can possibly eat, even in the most desperate depths of homework-induced stress-eating. But the dough can be divided in half and baked on different days. Try the first batch as directed and then switch it up by adding a handful of chocolate chips scattered over the cinnamon sugar before you roll up your second batch. Because everything is better with chocolate. And here is the real magic: pans of cinnamon rolls can be frozen, unbaked for future emergencies. Or gifts. I know it’s hard to believe, but this recipe will produce a sufficient quantity of baked goods that you’ll be willing to give some away.  

This recipe is a commitment. A delicious, calorie-laden, sugary commitment. Which is probably a good thing, because you’re not leaving the house for a few days while you work on your assignments, right?




Jeanette lives, writes, and bakes in a quiet little corner of Sandy Hill, Ottawa. Known for the generous distribution of baked goods and the keen precision of her editor’s marks, Jeanette swears by the Oxford English Dictionary and favours semi-sweet chocolate in her brownies.


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