On Overcomplication

When I was a kid, I thought I knew everything. Pure vanity on my part, because I now realize there are a million things people talk about every day that I can’t wrap my head around. Politics? Are the cops busting down my door for breathing wrong? No? Then who cares? Income tax? I get fined for making money? Screw you, pay me. Right of way? Okay, I get that it’s common courtesy, but who put a freakin’ roundabout there?!

What I’m getting at is that a lot of times it just seems like things are too complicated for the sake of being too complicated. Maybe that’s just me being stupid again (no surprise there), but here’s a newsflash: not everyone in the world is Einstein levels of smart. For example, I was at a football game (not the one where you actually use your foot) the other night. I don’t know jack about football except that you’re supposed to take the ball and get it to the other end of the field while Hulk-smashing everyone who gets in your way, but for being probably one of the most violent sports, football’s gotta be the most complicated. Don’t believe me? The game gets stopped for absolutely everything! Carry the ball too far? STOP! Guy falls over? STOP! I get distracted by the cheerleaders when they do their naughty dances? STOP! LEMME GET MY CAMERA! Again and again until I feel like my head’s gonna blow itself up.

How was the game? It was okay. Ottawa won and I had some beer, so there’s something.

To alcohol, the cause of (and solution to) all of life's problems!!!

To alcohol, the cause of (and solution to) all of life's problems!!!

There’s things I want to understand but can’t because they’re too complicated. Then there’s stuff so complicated that I lose interest altogether, like the government. What’s Harper doing wrong? What’s Trudeau doing right? I couldn’t tell you if I wanted to. And I don’t.

Maybe I’m an idiot for not understanding football and a jackass for not caring what our government does provided it doesn’t inconvenience me. I’m lacking in the common sense department, and if something doesn’t make sense to me right out of the gate, don’t count on me to understand it or even care about it. I don’t understand how these things work, but if they don’t interfere with my everyday life, why should I even care? Hell, why should you?

Did that make sense? Probably not. Neither does life sometimes.

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Justin Bedard

Justin Bedard is your average Canadian male (maybe not, depending on what you consider average to be). He is a student in Algonquin College’s Professional Writing program. He rarely speaks unless spoken to and has a tendency to overthink things.

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