On Life and Death

So maybe up until now, it’s sounded like I’ve had something to prove with this whole blog thing. What has ranting about stuff I don’t understand or care about and keeping stuff simple led up to? Well, it’s a way more common affliction than you might think. It’s something that everyone feels at some point or another (unless I’m assuming again and thinking I speak for everyone like an idiot), but here you go.

I don’t want to grow up. The most important thing about being a man is accepting things that are beyond your control, and growing up is one of those things. I don’t want so much responsibility that I can’t handle it. I don’t want to lose what I have, and most importantly, I don’t want to grow old and eventually die.



There’s a thing that runs through my head every time I think about dying. If there’s no afterlife or heaven or hell or whatever, then does that mean I’ll just be dreaming for the rest of time? It would be pretty nice, but it wouldn’t work like that because I’ll be dead and my brain will have shut itself off forever. Besides, with my kind of luck I’ll just have recurring nightmares about Jeff the Killer. If that’s not irony, I don’t know what is. So that basically equates to me just lying underground until I rot, and whenever I think about that, I feel like I just got gang-beaten.

Okay, that’s pushing it, but you get what I’m saying!

So how do I get through my day knowing that I’ll eventually die and might just cease to exist? I have that unnerving thought every once in a while, so why doesn’t it make me depressed for the rest of the day? Well, as someone who’s been alive for a little over nineteen years now, I can safely say that there are enough good things in life to make me really appreciate it. As long as I look after myself, I figure I’ve got at least seventy years in me. The end will feel like it came too fast, but that’s what life is: a bittersweet symphony. Got a lot of life in you? Make all of it count.

Don’t look back and don’t worry about what’s ahead. Keep on going. Just try to watch your step, that’s all. Don’t be like this ass.

Justin Bedard

Justin Bedard is your average Canadian male (maybe not, depending on what you consider average to be). He is a student in Algonquin College’s Professional Writing program. He rarely speaks unless spoken to and has a tendency to overthink things.

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