The End is Nigh


So, the world has begun its inevitable end.  It all started with some poor guy all the way over in India hacking his lungs up from what was thought to be a severe cold.  He got checked out by a doctor that diagnosed him with a weird strain of the flu, highly contagious of course.  He was put into quarantine but it was too late.  He had infected his family, who had infected their friends and so on.

Now here we are… The beginning of the end of the world, the zombies are slowly taking over.  There is no time to pack up the house and round up the family.  You only have a moment to make up your mind about your first stop.

What would your first stop be?  Would you run to the grocery store to get all of the non perishable items you can get your hands on?  Would you run to the local gun store and get all the guns and ammo you could?  Or would you drive over to your family’s house and scoop them up?  I sat down with ten people and gave them this situation.  I sat back and watched the discussion unfold, and these are my findings.

You are both practical and wise if you choose food and water.  The human body can only go on for so long without them, after all.  But what good is food and water if you don’t have either the means to protect yourself or people to help with the struggle?  Maybe this is why only one person chose this option.

You are a survivalist if your first stop is the local gun store.  You are smart enough to know that guns can be a source of protection as well as food. It truly is survival of the fittest, but what good are guns if you’re just one person surrounded by 100 zombies?  Surely guns can save your life in this situation but what about life’s essentials?

You are sentimental if your first choice is people.  Yes, they can help with protection and gathering supplies, but they can also slow you down.  Out of the ten people I sat down with, half of them chose people.  Their main reason was that they couldn't bear not knowing what had happened to their loved ones.

Where does your first stop lead you? Are you sure it's a wise decision?


Kelly Houlahan

Is a student at Algonquin College studying Professional Writing. Born and raised in Ottawa, she enjoys speculating about the zombie apocalypse and spends an ample amount of time thinking about her plan of action.  Follow her on   Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.