Plug in to Left, Right, A, B

Have you ever considered video games an art form? Have you ever had to deal with online trolls? Have you ever wondered what videogames started the industry?

From 8-bit to 4K, the power of cheat codes to the growing industry itself, we’ve got you covered for all your favourite videogame needs.

The connection of gaming is far reaching and ever growing in our day to day lives. We’ll delve deep into our collective videogame knowledge to look at what it is that keeps us coming back to the games we love, and what we are looking forward to in the near future.

As time goes on, the power of videogames has brought people together in amazing ways. From fandoms to debates, and rivalries to partnerships, we are drawn together through the power of videos games and we want to extend a hand to all readers to join us in geeking out.