Why Role-Playing Games Will Never Die

When you play video games, you want be taken away from the real world and cast into a universe that is fantasy-driven. At the very least, a universe that takes you to a different head space, whether it mimics our reality or not. The best genre for this is RPG’s or Role Playing Games and that’s why it’ll never die.

RPG’s fully immerse you in a brand-new world with a character or characters of your creation or choosing. The freedom you experience in an RPG is unparalleled in comparison to other genres. This is because developers create it as an open world, which means you have freedom to explore and do different things at your own speed and with your own preferences.

Most RPG’s have a main quest/storyline, but also have a vast array of side quests for you to delve into. Developers create this by not only creating a big world to explore, but also by putting in loads of characters for you to interact with. In my opinion, RPG’s immerse you the most into a game because they’re the best at making you feel like you’re actually in the world they create, it’s not as linear like Call of Duty or a sports game. Since this is the case, I feel like these types of games will never go out of style, as they’ve also been able to start branching out as a multiplayer component, making it possible to play games like GTA with your friends online.

All rights Reserved to Bethesda Game Studios, Creation Engine, Iron Galaxy and Escalation Studios.

All rights Reserved to Bethesda Game Studios, Creation Engine, Iron Galaxy and Escalation Studios.

Making it an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online video games) will definitely help insure the success of RPG’s as we move into a new age of technology and virtual reality gaming. It will take some time to make sure all gamers have the internet capabilities in order to run a game that includes a giant world, personal character creation and multiplayer. As long as WIFI technology continues to get better, these types of games will continue to become more and more popular.

People want to be connected with each other in as many facets of life as they can and gaming is no exception.

Role playing games are the best version of escape from the real world because you become a brand-new person or creature with brand new ambitions and objectives, that aren’t as high risk or high pressure because when you die or lose, you can just restart at the earliest save. This is why RPG’s will always be an important genre in gaming.

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