Movie Review: Prisoners

If you enjoy movies that are thrilling, have sexy actors, and are suspenseful enough to make you bite your nails down to the cuticle, then Prisoners is the perfect movie for you to watch. This movie stars Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal and it’s about two 6-year-old girls who are kidnapped on Thanksgiving Day. Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) does everything and anything he can to figure out what happened to his daughter and her friend. When Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) gets in on the investigation, Keller doesn’t think that he’s doing enough to try and find the girls. Keller then decides to take matters into his own hands.

From beginning to end, this movie keeps you in suspense. Prisoners will keep you guessing who the kidnapper until the end. Some parts in the movie might be hard to watch for some people because there are torture scenes which will make you gasp and most likely say “holy shit.” The scenery also gave it an eerie look throughout the entire movie because everything was dark and gloomy, even in the daytime, which gave it the “thriller” effect.

Throughout this movie, I thought that Hugh Jackman did a fantastic job at playing his character. He was very convincing in the torture scenes, which made him slightly terrifying. Compared to his Wolverine character, which can get pretty intense at times, his character in this movie made you look at him in a different way. I also thought that Jake Gyllenhaal did a fine job at playing a detective. He’s very determined to get the mystery of the kidnapping solved and he does everything that he can, which makes for a great detective character.

One reason why this movie keeps you in suspense the whole time is because there are multiple suspects, which keep you guessing who the kidnapper is. As you watch, you’re thinking oh, it’s that person, but then five minutes later you’re like no, wait, it’s definitely that person! Some people might be able to guess who the kidnapper is right away, but most people probably wouldn’t figure it out until the end.

The ending of movie is not only suspenseful, but it’s probably one of the biggest cliffhangers ever. It makes you think about what’s going to happen to Keller Dover and his family, and also if there’s going to be a second movie. I didn’t really like how big the cliffhanger was because there were so many different directions it could go in, which makes it a little confusing. Personally, it would be great if there was a second movie, but the question is: what would it be about? It can’t be about the same thing as the first.

To wrap things up, if you like suspense, go see this movie. If you like thrillers, go see this movie. If you like being mind-blown, go see this movie. You will not regret it.


Check out the trailer for Prisoners.

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