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I did the “Local Singles” experiment on Hot or Not, then the “Family and Friends” experiment on Facebook, and finally it was time to take my act international by visiting Omegle. This site is dedicated to stomping on the “stranger danger” warning that was drilled into our minds as kids with their slogan: “Talk to strangers!”

Seems like a good idea, right? 

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I set out to record my session for an hour, but when I edited out most of the “innocence destroying” words and gestures that Omegle is infamous for, my video was easily cut down to seven minutes. Even though the conversations were fairly short (a.k.a. when most of the men realized I wasn’t willing to play anything but presidential Jeopardy!, they clicked off), I still found that the men fit into the three categories that I stated in my Hot or Not blog.

As you will see in the video, I am making comments throughout it, but when I finished my recordings, it turned out my mic wasn’t working. Makes sense why the fine gents kept saying that they couldn’t hear me. I keep suggesting that every person on Omegle is male, but I did come across some women. Those interactions didn’t last long and the conversations were non-existent. Trust me, I tried.

*This video contains some risqué material that I couldn’t edit out*

The first person who held a conversation with me was getting so frustrated that I couldn’t hold in my laughter. The second was three bowls in to what I can only assume was cereal. He was very happy to chat. Then came the young Ab(e) Lincoln, from which I went on a rampage about how the innocence of youth has been destroyed. The gent in the glasses was very hard to read, as he went from completely straight-faced to smirking every few seconds. Overall, most people were at least somewhat amused with what I had to say; until they got sick of it.

As fun as it is to bug people on Omegle, I still believe it is a creepy and dangerous site that needs to be monitored. With that being said, I appreciate the people that cooperated with me without offending every fibre of my being.

Marta Zwart

Marta Zwart lives in Ottawa, Canada, and is intrigued by writing, acting, and sarcasm. Her greatest accomplishment is being able to blow a bubble with a whole pack of Hubba Bubba gum in her mouth. Marta’s dream is to briefly concern the public by writing for The Beaverton or The Onion.

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