For the Love of Learning

Throughout my life, I have kept many of my passions a secret. I believed that their exposure would be detrimental to my social status. Now, being mature enough to understand that popularity is not nearly as important as I once thought, I have decided to periodically confess my guilty pleasures. This is one of those confessions:

One of my earliest memories of school is from third grade. Every day after lunch recess my classmates and I would enter the classroom and a math worksheet would await us on our desks. We were instructed to complete it, and upon completion were entitled to “free time”, during which we were free to play with any of the games in the classroom, read or socialize.


This was my favourite part of the day. A boy in my class named Logan and I would race to see who could finish the worksheet first. I didn’t win every time, but between him and I one of us was always the first of the class to finish. It felt great to speed through it, mind working in top gear. On the days that I was first to finish, I felt like a champion as I walked up to Mrs. Gallant’s desk to hand her the sheet, all eyes on me.

I have always enjoyed my education as much as I did in the third grade, but as I grew older I was not as quick to show it. I would make excuses on school-nights to get out of hanging out with friends so that I could focus on my homework and complete it to perfection. Throughout elementary school I received straight A’s almost every year. My teachers would always show me praise, but encouraged me to apply my knowledge in class discussions. I feared that this involvement would put me into the category of a nerd or geek. This translated to high school where I continued to hide my love of learning.  My grades fell slightly due to lack of participation, but my pursuit of knowledge stayed strong.

Just as I have always looked forward to each school year, I look forward to working towards a university degree in the next few years. My mind is as spongy as ever, and I intend to soak up as much as I can.


Max Carrington is a 21 year-old writing student. In his spare time he can be found in the gym, at the movies, playing sports, listening to music or nestled in a comfortable spot reading literature.

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