Don't Look In The Back Of My Closet!

Throughout my life, I have kept many of my passions a secret. I believed that their exposure would be detrimental to my social status. Now, being mature enough to understand that popularity is not nearly as important as I once thought, I have decided to periodically confess my guilty pleasures. This is one of those confessions:

Some of the fondest memories of my childhood involve visits from my Uncle Mike. About once a month he would drop in, and under his arm would be a bundle of comic books. As much as I loved catching up with Uncle Mike, I preferred to catch up with the heroics of my favourite vigilantes. After a pleasant greeting, he would hand me the books, and I would scurry off to my bedroom to indulge. These comics would accompany me to school where I would display them with pride, lending them out to classmates and discussing their contents in depth. This was my golden age of comic books.


As I grew older, I found myself being more and more reluctant to share my love for comics with others out of fear of judgment; perhaps due to the negative label placed upon “nerds” and “geeks”. The visits from my uncle still came, and I still looked forward to diving into the adventures he brought along with him, but it wasn’t the same. So as I went through high school, and became infatuated with the opposite sex, the reluctance grew stronger. Before having friends over, I would make sure that any comics were tucked away neatly in the back of my closet and we would carry on with whatever trouble we were trying to get ourselves into.

Since entering post-secondary, social status has become much less important to me. I have decided to no longer stash my comics in the back of my closet, but display them with pride on my coffee table. Although my close friends may not be capable of discussing the recent changes Marvel Comics has made to its publishing format, or arguing over hypothetical fisticuffs between superheroes, I believe that they will accept that comics are something I enjoy. Whoa! Just the thought of this has my spider-senses tingling!

Max Carrington


Max Carrington is a 21 year-old writing student. In his spare time he can be found in the gym, at the movies, playing sports, listening to music or nestled in a comfortable spot reading literature.

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