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Those who've seen Boy Meets World will know that Mr. Feeny was a strict, disciplined teacher who pushed his students to their greatest potential because he knew they had it in them. He took the time to understand their capabilities, and discover something in each of them, often before they discovered it in themselves. 

Like many teachers I've come to appreciate, Mr. Feeny was someone that cared deeply about his students, and garnered the respect deserved. Through my time in school, and through this process, I have learned that teachers are memorable for the things they do for their students, and usually those acts go unnoticed until after the student realizes where their accomplishments have spawned from. It's when the student recognizes they couldn't have made it as far as they did, without the help of a particular teacher who made an impact on their life.

It's the teachers that left something of themselves – whether that be a lesson, or some small act of kindness – that makes them memorable. It's the teacher who:

The original and the drawing of my grandfather

The original and the drawing of my grandfather

  • gave me their copy of the class photo when I was sick, even though it was their only tangible memory of the class they taught that year.

  • taught me how to spell because; it's something that seems simple, but something that I still find myself using. Funny, even after all these years, I'll use bunnies, eat, carrots, and, usually, something, else, before the letters alone.

  • helped me pass religion class when they weren't even my teacher

  • helped bring my drawing abilities out onto the page – abilities I didn't even know existed.

Among others, these are the teachers who left their mark in more ways than one, and are worth remembering because they've had a major role in shaping who I am. They're the teachers who learned from the best, and have proven that being memorable can be taught, even if it's an inadvertent action.

It's the teachers that go above and beyond, reach out, and take the time to listen that are worth remembering; because they have chosen to care about their students, get to know their abilities, and help them strive for excellence. Without these teachers, there wouldn't be lessons worth learning even after one's left the classroom; for these are the teachers who'll continue to teach us, the teacher's we'll never stop learning from as long as they remain memorable in our minds.

For more examples of memorable teachers check out: The Dead Poet's Society's, and Mr. Holland's Opus.

Photo Credit: Sam Meijer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Video Credit: Disney-ABC Domestic Television (Boy Meets World)


Samantha is an avid reader and writer, who finds relaxation in the imaginary worlds she creates. Her non-fiction work has been published for the Canadian Wildlife Federation, and she has won awards for her short fiction in the annual Remembrance Day Legion contest. When she's not writing, Samantha is sketching famous or familial people.

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