Meme Magazine Remembers Grumpy Cat

With heavy hearts, we here at Meme Magazine report the death of Grumpy Cat, a force of nature that stirred up the meme world when we needed it the most. She will forever be remembered as a trailblazer in the industry, as such, all of us here at Meme Magazine would like to give our most profound condolences towards the Cat family. Moreover, we would like to take a moment to remember the meme communities’ most cherished moments with Ms. Cat.

Photo taken during his the launch of his “Backhanded” product line release party. (JStone/Shutterstock)

Photo taken during his the launch of his “Backhanded” product line release party. (JStone/Shutterstock)

Ms. Cat rose to stardom in the meme world in 2012 with his famous campaign of pessimistic image macros, and is crediting with starting the counterculture movement against motivational posters. Her eight-year journey through the meme world was one that everyone in the Cat family could be proud of.

Ms. Cat grew up in a musical household, and her older brothers Bongo and Keyboard Cat quickly stole the spotlight amongst the local meme connoisseurs.

“My father, Nyan, really got all of us into music. I never was much good at it, so I decided to hit it big in another field.” Said Ms. Cat in a 2013 interview with Meme Magazine. She spoke at length about the admiration for her father, the musical genius known as Nyan Cat, who put the Cat family on the map in the meme world.

“My manager is the best.” Continued Ms. Cat. “No matter how anxious I get, he’s always there to push me and my talents in the right direction.” Ms. Cat’s manager, Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, has been credited as the one to help cultivate Ms. Cat’s unique sense of image and style..

“(Ridiculously) is no stranger to image macros and meme culture. He’s been a great help.” Grumpy Cat concluded in that interview.

Other stars in the Meme community have reached out with their condolences.

“I just… I don’t know how to react.” Was the response from Keanu Reeves.

“He helped me get past so much. I can’t believe he’s gone.” Continued Mr. Reeves. Mr. Reeves famously suffered from depression as “Sad Keanu’. He credited the support and friendship from Ms. Cat as a critical source for his recovery.

Her brothers, Bongo and Keyboard Cat have suspended their current world tour, but have yet to release a statement. According to their agent however, they may be flying back to their estate in Malibu to attend the funeral. The Cat estate has made it known that they wish to hold private funeral for Mr. Cat, but a public memorial will be held this Sunday outside of Los Angeles city hall. We can confirm that meme superstars Bad Luck Brian and Good Guy Greg will be attending the ceremony for the beloved Ms. Cat.

Ms. Cat’s death has affected us all here at Meme Magazine, and once again, we offer our deepest sympathies. Ms. Cat was indeed an icon in the meme world, and her shooting star of fame will forever be remembered by all of us.

You can tweet your sympathies to the Cat family here, at the official Grumpy Cat twitter page:


Jonathan Jeffrey

Jonathan Jeffrey is the Managing Editor of Meme Magazine. Jonathan has received several awards in the fields of meme journalism, and garnered international fame for breaking the Scumbag Steve scandal. He has a masters degree in Advanced Meme Psychology, as well as a minor in Meme Journalism at KYM University.

Internet Sensation Gone Missing

 Where is Spongebob Squarepants?

Mr. Squarepants was last seen in his living room watching television, seemingly fine and enjoying a regular day with his snail, Gary. According to our anonymous sources, his last words were “Imma head out,” but where did he “head out” to? When asked, his pet Gary only responded with a sad meow.

The search continued at the house of his neighbour Squidward Tentacles. He opened the door with his clarinet in hand and did not look amused. “It’s a lot quieter.” He responded with a dull voice, he then slammed the door and went back to playing the clarinet. After finding no information from Mr. Tentacles, we went to his other neighbor Patrick Star who was no help. He did not have a clue where his best friend was. After finding no information on him from his neighbours, The Krusty Krab was the next option. Mr. Krabs was no help either.

“If he does not show up tomorrow, he’s FIRED!” Mr. Krabs yelled. He made it evident that he does not genuinely care about Mr. Squarepants. Mr. Krabs then asked us to buy a Krabby Paddy or leave.

Before he went missing, Mr. Squarepants appeared to be doing well, but the world had seen some unusual behaviour from him in the last couple of years. According to reports, he was seen in his caveman form exploring the outside world, and he fled when we tried to approach him. Usually, Mr. Squarepants is comical, happy and kind, but on May 5th, 2017 he was seen mocking his friends and boss at the Krusty Krab. Afterwards, he was spotted running around a jelly fish forest wholly naked then later seen trying to catch his breath. His behaviour seems unusual and quite concerning. He does not seem to be the same loving, happy-go-lucky sponge that we know and love.

What has become of him? Has the fame gone to his head? Around June 2nd, it appeared Mr. Squarepants was making a recovery. He was seen once again travelling the world wearing drag and appeared to be doing better. The world could relax for a little bit, knowing that Mr. Squarepants was improving. However, our worst fear has come to light: SpongeBob Squarepants disappeared. Mr. Squarepants headed out, but we do not have a single clue where he went. There are no traces; no activity on his accounts, there is nothing, absolutely nothing. This news is devastating. We hope that Mr. Squarepants will find his way back soon. While he “headed out”, we need him to “head in.” If not the internet world will never be the same.


Sarah Hope

Sarah Hope has a doctorate in meme research. She also enjoys reading, writing, photography and appreciates a good pun.


Shaggy Rogers Tells All: His Impossible Power Explained in Exclusive Interview

A rare image of shaggy using his power. (still only at 1%)

A rare image of shaggy using his power. (still only at 1%)

After spending countless hours searching for the answers, Meme Magazine readers will finally get the answers as to why Shaggy Rogers has such incredible powers. From where he got his powers from to why they came to light so suddenly. I answer all these questions in this exclusive interview with Shaggy (He’s Only Using One Percent of His Power) Rogers.

I kicked off the interview with the big hitter: asking him were he got his power.

"My powers, like, man, it was the weirdest trip ever to New Mexico. Scoob and I ran back to the town after meeting the ‘aliens’. We made it the diner and just wanted to eat." Mister Rogers holds a hand to his stomach while he speaks. After getting him some burgers, he continues his story. "Scoob and I found ourselves in that diner. Diners have some of the best burgers, man. We ordered and like, man, I had a weird feeling about the place. And that was before we saw the spaceship."

I asked him if that was the start of his power. "My power, man, I've always had power. Not the one you know that I got on this trip." Mister Rogers was reluctant to discuss ‘The Alien Invaders,' "Like you really want to know, don't you?" Mister Rogers bargained for more food and continued talking. "It was a weird time for Scoob and me. We weren't like looking for anyone but, man, when we found them. What were we to do?"

"No, we had no idea that they (Crystal and her dog Amber) were aliens. It was so rad to finally see some rad people, and of course, they turn out to be aliens." Mister Rogers’ eyes glazed over as he thought about the events of that night, possibly reliving them. He didn't want to go into details when asked what happened on the spaceship.

Once his appetite was satisfied, he gave me more detail. "Man, like, some crazy stuff went down on that ship. Stuff, nobody, should experience, man. I don't remember all of it, but I do remember that she (Crystal) told me I was ‘The One.' My power had to be released to do something. I had no idea what she was talking about, but she was serious, and then I passed out again." Mister Rogers took a moment to collect himself.

"After I woke up, I found Scooby and the gang looking for me. Fred and Daphne were terrified. Velma wouldn't look at me. I couldn't understand why man.”

I curiously asked him how he knew what happened. “It was Scooby that told me what happened. I destroyed the town (Roswell), man, there was nothing left."

I asked him about the Roswell that was still there in New Mexico. He seemed confused by the question and didn’t answer.

After prompting him for more details on the destruction of the town he said, “I couldn’t let myself do that again. I had to contain it; Velma helped me by coming up with this ‘special blend’ to help me control my power. We were safe. I thought we wouldn't have to deal with it again. We changed how the mystery was solved, we covered it up, but that didn't keep it quiet for long, man. Because later, it came back out not as strong, but it was there. I only use one percent for everyone else, not for me."

Mister Rogers left after that. Scooby Doo wouldn’t allow anymore questions of his dear friend Shaggy. We tried to get statements from the rest of the gang but all but Fred Jones, the groups leader, said was: “It was terrible time for the gang and we don’t want to go into more detail. Thank you.” They then drove away in the Mystery Machine. Do these revelations change your view of the icon? Tell us below in the comments.

Where the image came from:

ZZZ Julia Face.jpg

Julia Rivoire

Julia enjoys mobile and PC games in her free time. She has a dog, Shadow, who means the world to her but they live in different towns while Julia attends school. Nothing memes oh sorry I mean nothing means more to her then memes.

If this magazine doesn’t take off I don’t know what I’ll do. I can’t go back to memeing alone. I can’t.

Behind the Red Curtain

Behind the Red Curtain: Elmo’s Descent to Infamy

Elmo, Sesame Street’s beloved little red monster, has left audiences star-struck for the past few decades with his child-like wonder and insatiable curiosity. He could make friends with just about everyone, such as the foul-smelling and rambunctious Oscar the Grouch, a green goon who literally lives in a garbage can.

This adorable three and a half-year-old, ageless in these last decades, has an innate goodness that bewitched everyone around him. Despite being adored by all his fans and his Sesame Street Gang, there comes a pressure when your public persona takes over your life, and is seems the only way out is to go a little crazy.

Behind the set, when the cameras weren't rolling, this little ball of joy became an unrecognizable animal towards his castmates and terrified the children, who came and went frequently on the show because they couldn’t handle him. One castmate in particular encountered this abuse. Elmo’s orange-haired female counterpart, Zoe. Elmo made derogatory remarks on account of her ballerina outfit, and how she should go on without it, like when they first aired on the show.  At one point during the shooting, he bit her ear and wouldn’t let go.  Zoe had to get stitches to keep the fluff from falling out.

What was the reason behind his radical behaviour?

As it turns out, Elmo had been found snorting a mountain of white that belonged to Cookie Monster’s “special” cookie recipe, which altered Elmo’s appearance to a bone-thin, raggedy man with wild hair: crazy and on drugs in a matter of weeks. That’s when Sesame Street decided to kick Elmo to the curb, where he lived behind Oscar the Grouch dumpster’s bins; turning tricks and mugging people for money to get the same high Cookie Monster’s batch gave him.

 It wasn’t until one day when he was swatting imaginary bees and knocking over garbage cans, including the Grouch, who was last seen rolling down into traffic, whether he survived or not has yet to be confirmed. The only witnesses at the scene of this atrocity were none other than this infamous band of smooth-talking and drug-taking rockers called Electric Mayhem.

At that moment they realized this was their drummer, because no one could match the wild intensity he possessed banging those cans. They laid out cookie crumbs for him to sniff out to their van, where they snatched him and kept him shackled in a cold basement; feeding him only cookies and giving him the name Animal. 

Oddly enough, the group became inseparable and caused mayhem whatever gig thrown at them and to squander it to pieces whenever they’re up on stage at some dismal club. Mostly, due to Animal's erratic behaviour of being constantly drugged out of his mind on Cookie Monster's special flour. From biting the fluff out of puppets, and groping any woman he could get his bony hands on. Or taking out big chunks out of his drums with his gnarled teeth, which is slowly being broken down to the gum line due to his heavy abuse.

However, whenever Electric Mayhem does get a chance to play, when they’re not pursuing their usual self-destructive habits, they can play a slick tune of rock n’ roll with Animal’s killer drums roaring in the background.


Chris Joyal

A nineteen year old unhealthily obsessed with Hannibal memes and anything darkly humorous. Or any stupid pun that my little brain capacity can comprehend. Often called a cave-dweller or ghost by known relatives, and probably a few classmates as well, because of my rare sightings and frequent disappearances, like Big Foot, or the Loch Ness Monster.

Works at Meme Magazine.

Distracted Boyfriend - His (Back)side of the Story

It was a fair day in 2015 when a dashing young man was taking a walk with his girlfriend downtown. Their sweet stroll turned sour when they passed a young lady, whose bottom caught the eye of the man, prompting him to stare back at it. His girlfriend noticed this and was less than amused, flashing him a look of disgust. Unfortunately for the man, the moment was caught on camera and shared online, sparking a meme the internet has had its way with for years.

“Distracted Boyfriend,” as he is now known, has received much flack since. His inability to avert his gaze has been compared to scenarios such as being preoccupied with choosing a film while your dinner gets cold or browsing new books while your unread books sit on the shelf. Now, four years later, Mr. Boyfriend is tired of being the butt of the joke, and is ready to tell his shocking side of the story in an exclusive interview with Meme Magazine.

It’s so accurate, you can’t help but stare.

It’s so accurate, you can’t help but stare.

MM: You say the “Distracted Boyfriend” meme is a total misunderstanding. Then what was it that made you stare at that woman’s derrière?

DB: It was a trap. My girlfriend was all like, “She has a nice ass, doesn’t she?” and like, what would you expect me to do? I looked!

MM: So, you’re saying your girlfriend baited you into looking at the woman?

DB: Yeah. So I looked, and then she gets all upset with me and is like, “I can’t believe you!” And to top it all off, this photographer just happens to be there to capture the whole thing! She set me up, and now the world thinks I’m some cheater! But I’m the victim here! I’m the one who’s been hurt the most by this!

MM: How so?

DB: So get this. A week after she flips at me, I come home from work and find her on the couch kissin’ up that same girl!

MM: Your girlfriend was with the other woman in the photograph?

DB: Yeah! She was cheating on me! And yet I’m the one getting all the shit from everyone! It’s not right!

MM: Why did your girlfriend want to set you up?

DB: Well, this isn’t the first time she’s cheated. We live at the house her dad bought for her - she’s from a pretty rich family, and she thinks because it’s her place, she can bring back any guy or girl she wants, even though we never agreed to that. I work hard. I spend most of my money on her. I try to make her happy, but she just uses me. I got sick of it, so I threatened to out her as a cheater to all her friends if she didn’t stop, and uh, I guess she beat me to that.

MM: What is the state of your relationship now that the fire has cooled?

DB: Her and I are long over, but I wanted to finally clear my name. Also, hey ladies! I’m single, and willing to stare at your ass all you want! My Snapchat user is “NotDistractedIPromise.”

Do you believe Distracted Boyfriend’s testimony? Let us know in the comments!


Brandi-Anne Hibbs

Brandi-Anne Hibbs has been quietly stalking and observing memes for over a decade, but still doesn’t quite understand their nature. Nevertheless, she’s dedicated to making sense of them through writing!

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