A Geek Above the Rest

Geek, finally explained

While I sit on the bus, regrettably listening in on stranger conversations due to my lack of foreseeing the death my favourite distraction (iPod)’s battery, I wonder, though I know little about, I could almost assume, that these Pokemon characters are some real live, kick-ass dudes.

There are two young girls, in their early twenties, both very attractive (I looked) recounting their weekends and if I didn’t know any better, I’d think they lived second lives mortal-combatting bad dudes and doing cross-fit.  The reality is that —Pokemon is a video game — and they’ve been gaming all weekend. I know this plays into the whole notion that we think geeks are loners and don’t get invited to parties on the weekend, but they’re speaking so loudly and so proudly, they’re virtually wearing out their geek badges of honour. Honestly, I don’t know much about Pokemon and the little I do, is hardly worth sharing. But what I do know is that those who love Pokemon love it, and are pretty obsessive and frankly a little scary about that obsession, and it’s that obsession; that need to know everything about a certain thing and build upon that knowledge everyday, paired with being pretty freakin’ smart, that makes up my fond new obsession that is geeks.

I mean you can really be a geek about anything from homemade guitars, to cheeses of the world, so long as you’re passionate about your obsession and willing, at a moment’s notice, to become an expert witness, phone-a-friend, or argument settler on your particular subject. It’s not just aptitude for the techy stuff (like video games) and the love of comic books that makes someone a geek, but it IS the superheroes, the game heroes — the Batmans and the Supermans — that really get serious geek love.

Smart, sophisticated, handsome, strong and out to do good, it’s what most of us aspire to. Superman has his human looks and alien strengths; Batman his skills and resources and he’s ready for anything. Can you say, total package?

There’s no question why geeks aspire to know everything about their heroes and the rest of us just want to dress up like them for Halloween, birthdays, bachelor parties; whenever we get the chance.  It’s that innate drive to chase all information and know all, and for some, have everything related to their particular obsession that separates geeks from the rest of the herd.   


To find out more about how geeks live out their obsessions visit http://www.comic-con.org/ 


Mia Maloney

is a twenty-something student, cat mother and all-things-food lover, trying to figure out what it means to be a real obsessive, intelligent, and secretly-running-the-world kind of geek.

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