Everyone Listen to Matt Damon


It is becoming a little safer to talk about conspiracy theories, just do not make the mistake of calling them that.

I have spent my time in the online rabbit hole, listening to Alex Jones and David Icke. Only I was reluctant to talk to anyone about it, for fear of being branded as a tin-foil hat wearer. 

It has been hard to make sense of things, between the mainstream media that still holds some merit and the free dialog on the Internet.

I have struggled to find the right way to discuss topics like: the NSA scandal, 9/11, and government oppression. What I do know however is not to start from the disposition that: “Everything you think is wrong!” Because I really do not know either, but that is exactly what makes it worth discussing.

I can attribute my reluctance to talk about conspiracy theories to a kind of civil obedience. Matt Damon has reminded me why this is not such a good thing:

How about them apples.

I had watched this video three times before I noticed that Matt Damon is not the author (Go ahead and laugh). Howard Zinn wrote this speech, some 43 years ago. It is suffice to say things have not changed much, and they probably won’t so long as we are afraid to speak out.

Damon was not the first celeb to catch me by surprise.  Last summer Kanye West released his single We The New Slaves, effectively breaking his allegiance to our Reptilian Overlords.

In an attempt to go viral, this video was first released by being projected onto buildings across US cities. Call it a publicity stunt, and it is. But there is a kind of terrifying truth behind the ominous instrumentals of the song with Kanya’s voice declaring: “I know that we the new slaves.”

On a more traditional medium, Joe Rogan and Rosie O’Donnell discussed 9/11 conspiracy on her TV show. In this clip, they discuss the t-shirt inspiring controversy surrounding Building 7.  On the more extreme spectrum, Roseanne Barr does not hold back with her belief that  Hollywood is run by mind control. Is this the ramblings of another broken celebrity? 

As much as we love celebrities  we also do a fine job cutting them down. Like it or not, celebrities have the power to get us to buy things, vote in elections, and sometimes actually do some good.


Michael Myers

Michael is a misplaced Trent Business Administration grad exploring Buddhism.  He has recently traded in a career in accounting for a student card and a student budget. His other interests include: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Graphic Design. In this blog he will explore the bizarre and the profound at various Buddhist temples in Ottawa.