Religion: Why all the hate?

I don’t get people who don’t get religion. That seems like an odd statement but it has bugged me since high school. There was a guy in one of my classes, short blonde hair, glasses, nasally voice and loved to rant about his views. One day he came into the classroom and hijacked the conversation we had been having on religion. He stated that to believe in God was stupid. He said that the only people who believe in God were people who fear the thought of what happens after death; that they were desperate for answers and turn to some metaphysical being from our past because they refuse to look elsewhere. He said anyone who still believes in God in this age of science is ignorant. I consider myself to be a peaceful person, but in that moment I felt a strong temptation to acquaint this man’s face with the floor.

He wasn't the first person I've met with this viewpoint and he wasn't the last. I knew immediately the reason he didn't believe in God wasn't because he had been convinced by proof, but because it was easier for him not to believe. He could believe in God, believe a deity was watching him and judging him or he could choose not to believe, that there is no judgement and no cosmic rules to follow. In other words, he didn't believe in God because he was lazy, which is fine. What I found so irritating was that he put down those who did believe in religion as if they were gullible simpletons. 

I see this mindset everywhere. What most of these people fail to realize is that religion isn't a constricting code that forces you to follow its rules. Religion is a bond that ties a community together. It’s a set of guidelines and principles. Don't get me wrong, religion can be pretty stupid sometimes. Catholics can be scary, Christians can be hypocritical, and we all know Mormons can be obnoxious. My conclusion is this: Religion may not be the greatest form of social engagement, but it got us this far. If you don't like it, seek to change it, don't be that asshole that sits in judgement of religion's followers. They've already got their God for that.

Michael Ziegler

Michael Ziegler is a student at Algonquin College, in his second year of the Professional Writing program. He graduated high school as an Air Cadet and still walks around in polished leather boots from time to time.

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