Meals on a Rush


Meal prepping is so underrated. Why are you sleeping on this? It can save you money, time and inches, not to mention it’s smart for your diet and health. Not having to worry about cooking EVERY SINGLE MEAL is a blessing. So I hope by the end, I will have convinced you and given enough information to get you into meal prepping!

How to Shop Properly!

DO NOT GO SHOPPING WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY! Compulsive craving buying is common and dangerous when trying to save money, especially, when you are a student living off a minimum wage part-time job. At certain stores like the Superstore, a coupon board is located at the entrance. Use as many as you need. Buy spices, tea and small ingredients for baking at a local bulk food store if convenient. Make smart purchases by looking for specials, buying what's in season (fruit in the summer and vegetables in the fall,) and freeze what you can. 

How to Extend the Shelf Life of Your Food

Is your bread always molding before you finish the loaf? Meat going green in the fridge?

Never be afraid to freeze your meat or bread! Use what you need and freeze the rest.

When buying a two-for-one special on meat, cook one and freeze the second. Slices of meat can freeze up to FIVE months while whole chickens or turkeys can be frozen up to a year. Keep the meat in its original packaging or place it in a freezer-safe plastic bag. 

Live a plastic-free household? Then use an airtight metal tin. For vegans/vegetarians, you can freeze tofu for about FIVE months and vegetables and fruits can be frozen for up to TEN months. 

Always tired? Still hungry after you just ate?

Be aware of your macronutrients intake. Macros such as carbs, fatty lipids and proteins are very important in a balanced diet. Protein should make up the majority of your meals. You can get protein in meat, tofu, chickpeas, spinach, black and red beans, etc. The next major portion of your meals should be healthy carbs such as green vegetables, whole grains (quinoa, couscous, rice) and rye or whole wheat bread. Lastly, fatty lipids… now, don’t get confused with the word fatty. Fatty lipids are healthy fats that humans need. FL’s are very important in brain development so here are a few examples of fatty lipid dense foods: avocado, fish, nuts and olive oil. Keeping in mind what should be in each meal can help your digestion system, mood and overall life.

The starting points in meal prepping

I personally like to take the least amount of time to cook, so knowing how long each item will take to cook ahead of time is key. Start boiling the water first for pasta, or start boiling potatoes/rice before you start cutting up other ingredients. Secondly, move on to your greens. Boil, bake, grill all that is green. Greens are your friends. Lastly, move on to your protein and season to your liking! Make life easy. Don’t procrastinate, JUST DO IT.


Storing food properly and with ease!

One of the most efficient ways of storing food is in bento boxes, specifically their food containers with dividers. As I’m a hoe for green alternatives, reusing mason jars are great for single portions of food and fruit on the go.

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of meal prepping, happy cooking and bon appetit!



KC’s a very small carrot, who is a Professional Writing student at Algonquin College. KC is a bright student, whose passions have led her to want to work in the film industry as a horror and thriller scriptwriter. She loves watching horror movies, writing, painting, and baking in her spear time. KC has traveled to Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Caribean, and Cyprus. She wants to travel more when given the opportunity.

Red Flags and Relationships


Relationships aren’t easy - whether it’s a partnership or a friendship. It’s never easy figuring out how to navigate the unknown. You could easily fall into a trap without knowing how you got in it, and you might feel like you have no idea how to get out! 

Never fear, I’m here to help you recognize some relationships red flags so you know when things are starting to go sideways, as well as some words of wisdom to help you through it

The first thing to understand is that things take time.

You could be in a long relationship with someone before things end up turning ugly. At first, they might seem caring, loving and affectionate, but along the way they could turn on you and become cruel. These types of people are the ones to look out for and make sure you can cut them out of your life before it’s too late.

Notice the little things.

Some red flags don’t show themselves as verbal or physical abuse. Some flags are very subtle but still mean a lot. 

Things to watch out for:

  • If they start being possessive of you, 

  • If they use your caring personality to make you do what they want , 

  • If they start crying to manipulate you. 

These little things are small but are still big red flags in a relationship. It can hurt you emotionally, even if you don’t realize the reasons for it.

A lot of the times, these flags are ignored by people, even when their friends or family members are telling them the relationship isn’t good. They often don’t realize it until things go too far. There are even people out there who think these types of relationships are normal and that these things are supposed to be the ins and outs of relationships… when they are not!

Now, I understand relationships leave emotional scars, a large gap of loneliness or even a gallon of self-blame, but know this:

You are not to blame. You were never the one to blame. What happened was not on you and it never will be. They might blame you for the failure of the relationship but if they are willing to try to guilt you into thinking it was your fault, then they are the ones to blame. 

If they start to bother you, even after you cut off all communications with them? Ignore it. Don’t stoop to their level and mock them. Don’t go out of your way to make them feel bad; be the bigger person for you both. Be the adult they can’t be.

And here’s some advice for a healthy, functional relationship:


I can’t stress this enough!!

I’ve told this to so many people, and myself, time and time again. Some people don’t acknowledge this important aspect of relationships. They don’t talk with their partner or friend and expect to understand what the other half of the relationship is thinking or talking about. It isn’t right and can lead to many misunderstandings.

You have to talk with your partner or friend about what’s bothering you. If they don’t understand, or at least try to, then things could take a turn for the worse for both of you. Communicate with them - tell them you don’t like what they’re doing, to you or anyone else. Don’t just say everything is okay and don’t keep your mouth shut. Tell them what’s going on and they might just surprise you.



Kaden’s a small second-year professional writing student. They’re a hard-working, loud student who wishes to be someone aspiring as the years go on. They love to read and write more than anything - online stories and more. If you’re looking for a good story, they’re the one to hit up! They can sing, they can knit - they can’t do anything, but they’re sure to try.

Relationships After Being in the Closet


What do you think of when you hear closet? 

Scary monster? Hoarded mess? Too many clothes even when you only wear the same two shirts and that one pair of pants that make your butt look great? How about coming out? 

How about the detrimental effects on adult relationships?

Being in the closet while in your adolescence can cause issues to creep up on you like the skeletons in there with you. One of those issues is an inability to navigate adult relationships successfully. While there are many other issues that can cause this inability, I think that it’s a lack of experience that can really hurt you.

I’m no psychologist, but I am speaking from experience or lack thereof. 

Growing up I went through the rainbow of sexualities, pun intended. I didn’t realize that waiting as long as I did to come out that I would struggle even more later on. I came out at 15, but that doesn’t mean I was honest with myself. So did I really come out?

While my friends were getting into relationships left and right, I was still at the starting line, wondering if I was going to take route A or route B wondering, am I gay? Am I gay enough? Should I go back to being straight? 

While all my friends were learning how to communicate with a partner in a relationship and how to have sex, I was learning how to be honest with myself.

This led to the fact that I am currently afraid to be in a relationship. There is so much anxiety because at this point I don’t even know what I do and don’t know. 

Do I even know how to kiss? How do you prepare for sex? How do you communicate? How do you navigate having to think about someone else in your life? How do you accept small affections, like holding hands, without reacting like a 10-year-old girl at a One Direction concert?

There are so many things that you just have to learn from experience. 

This sounds very woe is me, but this is my advice: 

Learn to be okay with being alone. 

This sounds harsh, but you can have a fulfilling life without a relationship. Once you accept being independent, it kinda leaves your mind and being in a relationship doesn’t consume your every waking thought. There’s a freedom to let yourself enjoy solitude. You even appreciate yourself more, not just time spent with yourself, but yourself as a whole. It helps you appreciate being with friends, family and partaking in group events. In those moments you’re not alone, so don’t make yourself lonely. 

Be honest with any potential partners.

There’s a certain danger in not communicating. They won’t know that you are going to struggle with certain aspects and that can cause problems down the road. Like the fact that you are accustomed to being alone. Or the fact that you don’t know how to ask or offer affection. Be prepared to explain it to them, if they're worth your love and time, they’ll understand.

Finally, I think the biggest thing is to ACCEPT LOVE.

Don’t let yourself believe you are unlovable. Don’t let someone get away because you spend too much time overthinking poisonous thoughts. It’s easy to find yourself regretting every one you pushed away because you were scared of love. There’s a fine line between a fear and a phobia. Don’t let your anxiety overcome you.



Kurt is a second-year student at Algonquin College. At 24, he aspires to be many things, but most notably, not broke. He likes long walks on the beach at sunset and pina-coladas in the rain. He also like cliches, puns and bad jokes. In reality he hopes to be an editor, or do anything working with books.

I’m Bringing Sex Back


It’s beautiful. It’s scary. It’s wonderful. It’s confusing.

It’s exciting, magical, heartbreaking, earth-shattering and sometimes it’s really messy… especially if you’re doing it right! It’s how we all got here and one of the best things about being here: it’s SEX.

As wonderful and beautiful as sex can be, it also has the potential to be very difficult and even traumatic. In my 32 years of being alive, I have had my fair share of both beautiful and not so beautiful sexual experiences and I want to share some of the knowledge I’ve acquired.

I won’t be focusing on sexual trauma, except to say that if you have experienced any form of sexual assault or abuse the best thing you can do is open up to someone you love or trust. Please do not be afraid to tell a professional what happened to you.

Now, I want to talk about a few simple things that apply to everyone no matter your gender, orientation, age, or experience level.

Number 1: RESPECT

Respect is CRUCIAL when it comes to sex, and it’s equally important to have respect for yourself and your partner. When you’re young and you’re still discovering your own likes and limitations, respect for yourself is what will allow you to say NO or STOP. When someone does something you don’t like you need to voice your thoughts and feelings. At the same time, respect for your partner means stopping when they, themselves, say no or stop. Respect yourself because you are a beautiful human being worthy of respect, and respect your partner because, uh, hello! They’re letting you have sex with them which is pretty fucking awesome!


Communication really is key when it comes to having a positive experience. You both need to remember that you are not the only one in the room! I know that it would be easier if your partner could just read your mind and kiss or lick or touch that certain part of your body that makes your toes curl but they can’t. So just tell them!! 

Speaking openly and honestly is very difficult, but trust me. If you overcome that fear and you tell your partner exactly what you want, nine times out of 10 YOU. WILL. GET. WHAT. YOU. WANT! Your toes will curl and you’ll bite your lip and your partner is going to feel like a superhero because they just made you feel better than you’ve ever felt in your entire life. 

Furthermore, great sex requires intimacy and connection. Two people can bump and grind all they want, but if they’re not connecting on an emotional level then the sex is only ever going to run skin deep.

Number 3: HONESTY

Honesty is another important part of an enjoyable sex life. Obviously, it’s important to be honest with your partner if you have an S.T.I. I understand it’s embarrassing, and there is a chance they may not want to sleep with you, but it’s the LAW

First and foremost it’s important, to be honest about your intentions. We need to stop promising each other the moon when we only plan on hittin’ and quittin’. If you want a relationship then be honest about that. Don’t pretend to be okay with just fooling around. If you want to see other people then be honest about that. We are all vulnerable to heartbreak when we share ourselves with another person. But if we are all honest about our intentions before sleeping with each other we can avoid a lot of tears.


Colin Murphy

Colin is a 32-year-old Professional Writing student currently in his second year at Algonquin College. Colin was born and raised in Newfoundland, but he has travelled around the world. Colin taught English in Guangzhou, China, backpacked across Europe, partied in Las Vegas, skied the Rockies and swam the beaches of Cuba and Mexico. He has worked and lived in six Canadian provinces and driven a transport truck across the ice roads under the northern lights of the Northwest Territories. He loves to laugh and sing, and write about himself in the third person! 

Welcome to Murder Adulting!

Hello, homosapiens,

We’re a bunch of adults wanting to impart our wisdom on the rest of the world, so prepare yourselves.

I’m Kurt.

I’ve been ‘adulting’ for 6 years now. I feel like I’ve navigated a few scenarios and hope that this experience can give you some insight on how to be an adult. Unfortunately, I’m not certified, so I take no responsibility if you mess this up. 

Howdy, I’m KC,

An extremely small bean who loves to learn new things and create indie art masterpieces. As a new adult, I have been exposed to many fortunate and very unfortunate scenarios. So here's to the positive that I hope to share with you lovely individuals.

I am Mr. Colin Murphy.

At the ripe old age of 32, I am the resident senior of the group. I spent my 20s making every single mistake imaginable so that I could take all of that learning, growth, knowledge and experience and pass it along to you. 

Yellow yellow! I'm Kaden.

I’m the youngest one here, actually. I may not have a lot of experience in adulting but I still have my share of it. Things won't be easy, but we're here to help! I hope you come along for the ride and learn something new about yourself while you're at it. 

Hi, I’m Josee Leclair,

I’m 21 and I’m from Guelph, which is a part of the GTA. I’m newer to adulting so help me help you and we can conquer it together. I love to write poetry, read teen fiction, eat poutine and explore the outdoors. I’m passionate about mental health and self-discovery.