Soaring to the Silver Screen

When most people think of Superman, they think of the classic Christopher Reeves portrayal. Compared to today’s technology, the special effects of the four original  Superman movies are nothing like what we’re used to now. But it was always more about the story than the effects. In these films we see a clumsy and awkward man starting his new career in a big city and keeping it safe from villains like Lex Luthor, while wearing a bright spandex suit. The quirky lines like “my mother made it” when Lois Lane asks Superman about his costume, and the dynamic Lois has with both Superman and Clark Kent are what make these films so memorable to me.

In the films, Superman isn’t the only one to look up to. Lois Lane steals the spotlight on multiple occasions with her confidence and great journalistic curiosity. Lois is such a great role model, she is a strong and intelligent woman (let’s not ask why Lois never seems to see past Clark’s glasses in any media form), who knows just what she wants and won’t stop until she gets? She plays an integral part in revealing Superman's humanity; a film has less than two hours to tell the story. The duo work together, whether they know it or not, to fight injustice and bring hope to the people of Metropolis as well as viewers in the theatre and at home.

Superman has made appearances in film many times over the years, mostly animated movies, but he made his big comeback in Man of Steel. This portrayal takes a darker twist on the character, but the idea that he is a symbol of hope transcends the times. All Superman movies have the task of showing viewers the life of a man who has the world on his shoulders, and even though I can’t say it’s always been done perfectly, it’s always been done well enough. With an iconic character that has been around for so long, new directors are taking their turn with the story and putting in their own ideas, but the message stays the same. Whether it’s saving the world from an alien attack or stopping a car accident, Superman knows every life on this planet is important and worth saving. That’s why his number one rule is to never kill: No one is hopeless in his eyes. 

Natasha Leduc

Natasha Leduc is an aspiring novelist with a passion for superheroes, and young adult and youth fiction. A nature lover, she lives in a secluded area surrounded by water and trees, the perfect place to take a notebook out and write whatever comes to mind.

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