A Look Back at Alternative & Punk Releases of 2017


Oh man. Let’s be real, 2017 was one hell of a year for the music industry. With Christmas and New Years finally over with, I finally had a hot minute to just sit down and listen to some music and thought, why don’t I make a list of some of the best stuff, in my opinion, to come out this year. Most of the albums that I chose as my favourites are kind of upbeat, are lyrically amazing, and show off the incredible skills and talents of each of the bands.


Code Orange – Forever (January 13)
This album is the first album that I have ever listened to by the band. It’s filthy, its grungy, its fantastic. The album, and the songs, have great structure and heaviness. There is a good mix of fast tempo songs (Forever) and slower (Bleeding in the Blur) songs to really make the album a unique experience.

As It Is – Okay (January 20)
This album caught me by surprise. Not only did I not know that it was coming out, but I ended up enjoying it so much more than I thought it would. This album is a wonderful follow up to their 2015 album, Never Happy, Ever After. With a very clear upbeat sound to the tracks and rocking beats, this is another album and band that worked to show their diverse skills this year.


Less Than Jake – Sound the Alarm (February 3)
While this is not actually an album, but an EP, its still a worthy mention. Although a good album, it is the standard Less Than Jake that most fans have come to expect over the years.

The Menzingers – After the Party (February 3)
Another band that I came across this year, I fell in love with this album the first time I listened to it. I’m a huge fan of Kerouac and have to say that mentions of him and his work make Lookers my favourite track on this album. The whole album is fantastic with a really smooth flow and I found it to be a nice change from “mom doesn’t understand me” to “oh crap, I’m an adult now.”


Sorority Noise – You’re Not As ___ As You Think You Are (March 17)
Get ready to go through another emo phase. This album is soft, beautiful, and brutally honest. The work of Sorority Noise has a sound that is reminiscent of Modern Baseball or Brand New with incredible guitar work, a love affair with distortion and vocals that add meaning to the incredibly quotable lyrics.


The Maine – Lovely Little Lonely (April 7)
Is it emo pop? Yup, but your going to love it. Lovely Little Lonely is basically the climax of what all their previous albums and EP’s were giving to us. The bands craftmanship when it comes to complex sounds and catchy lyrics is not lost, and creates has once again created an album that feels timeless and will no doubt draw a new audience.

The Flatliners – Inviting Light (April 14)
I think this band really overlooked when it comes to talking about punk-rock heavyweights. This band has delivered a fuller, broader, sound as compared with Cavalcade’s (2010) which featured heavier and choppier songs. Dirty vocals, beautiful drum work, and clean guitar riffs, this album is definitely one of the best to be released by The Flatliners in a long time.

New Found Glory – Makes Me Sick (April 28)
Say hello to heavy synth, because that’s what in store for you here. These guys constantly work to not make the same album twice, and they have succeeded here. Although not all the songs feel like they belong on the album, the album itself is great and definitely worked as a summer playlist.


Grayscale – Adornment (May 5)
A lovely follow up to What We’re Missing. Grayscale continue to show incredible musical growth since their debut, both musically and lyrically.


Broadside – Paradise (June 16)
Mid-summer soundtrack material is all I can really say. The lyrics and vocals are reminiscent of Hedley circa 2013, and the last track on the album sounds weirdly like a Twenty One Pilots cover. This album is a definite good step forward for the band, and will leave fans with an all over goof feeling after a good listen.


Neck Deep – The Peace And The Panic (August 18)
What a treat this album was. It’s only been two years since their last album came out but these guys did a whole lot of growing in that time, and In Bloom really shows off not just the vocals and lyrical talents, but the musical skills that the band members have as well. Showing off a new, more upbeat sound, Neck Deep has obviously made another banger.


Nothing More – The Stories We Tell Ourselves (September 15)
I stumbled upon these guys shortly before the release of this album and what a treat that was. They are a lyrical power house with the musical talent to match. I can only hope that this is the first in a long line of huge successes for them.

Seaway – Vacation (September 15)
This is road trip music, plain and simple. A beautiful blend between the old sounds of Seaway with their newer style. This album is full of energy, has a kind of emo sound to the lyrics, and to die for dual vocals. This album is fantastic and really showcases the evolution of their style over the years.


Citizen – As You Please (October 6)
Still the same lyrical beauty that we have come to love, Citizen has graced the world with another album that is full of emotion and meaning. There is incredible dynamic range in this album, and with on point production comes the wonderfully fresh new sound of lyrics at the same volume as the drums and guitars.

Knuckle Puck – Shapeshifter (October 13)
Perfectly timed release of this album that is so clearly about changes. As the year begins to come to end, and on the most superstitious day of the year, Knuckle Puck released an album that is sure to push them into the forefront of punk related media. Delivering thought provoking lyrics with a similar sound as their previous album, they have managed to set a high bar for themselves that I can’t wait to see them over take in upcoming albums.

Movements – Feel Something (October 20)
This album was a treat to my ears. As a first time listener of the band I didn’t know what I was getting into. I was delivered hushed choruses mixed with emotional, belting of versus all neatly wrapped together with rhythmic drums and passive guitars. Is there an emo resurgence that I didn’t get the memo about?

I The Mighty – Where The Mind Wants To Go/ Where You Let It Go (October 20)
I had heard of this band in the past, but I hadn’t gone out of my way to listen to them, and boy was I missing out. Wow, this album is amazing. There is so much feeling in the lyrics and the melodies and instrumentals are just beautiful.



Arielle is a 22 year old Professional Writing student who loves the arts. Her music taste is eclectic, but she spends most of her time frequenting local punk and metal shows. She often surfs through Youtube and Bandcamp hoping to stumble on a new addictive sound. Her favourite bands include; Breaking Benjamin, Dance Gavin Dance, In This Moment and Brand New, to name a few.


Arielle Blaedow

Arielle is a 22 Professional Writing student who loves the arts. Her music taste is eclectic, but she spends most of her time frequenting local punk and metal shows. She often surfers through Youtube and Bandcamp hoping to stumble on a new addictive sound. Her favourite bands include; Breaking Benjamin, Dance Gavin Dance, In This Moment, and Brand New, to name a few.